Saturday, March 7, 2015

DLP week 9: 5 Layers

Week 9 of the Documented Life Project

February Theme: Layers You Will Love!
Art Challenge:  Using at Least Five Layers
Journal Prompt:  Give Me a High Five 

I really like the direct approach of this prompt to create with at least 5 layers. For me, it felt like a "what if" kind of approach I tend to use a lot . . . at least that's what I turned it into! I found myself thinking, what if I used THIS as a layer first, then put THAT over it next? Here's what happened...

Layer One: Paint!

I squirted acrylic paint from a tube onto my page.
Use a plastic card to spread it around the page.
Use a variety of tools to make marks on the page. Let dry (the hardest part!)

Layer Two: Use a Stencil (Stencil Girl) and spray inks to layer color on top. 

I used an extra sheet of paper to pick up the extra ink on top of the stencil. I can use this paper for another project, like how I started the DLP week 8 prompt. Let dry.

Layer Three: Add colored tissue paper (and patterned) with gel medium. 

I like that you can still see the texture in the first layer of paint, through the tissue.

 Layer Four: Add another layer of Acrylic paint on top of the dried tissue paper. 

Use paint combs to pull and texture the paint. 

 Layer Five: Add paper collage on top of it all! 

The cups are a magazine catalog image I ripped out and saved in a box of scraps a year or two ago. When I got to layer 5 and decided to use paper, I went looking for something that would speak to me and work with the bright colors I started with. After gluing the cups down I used a black pen to outline then in a scraggly way. The circles are punched out of tea bag wrappers I saved. 

For me this was a very satisfying prompt. I kept myself to 1/2 a page spread because I was determined to get week 9 done and dusted before week 10 was announced! I have been a little bit behind, and then when my husband & I were both sick with a fever, chills and cough earlier this week, I really got behind. I do not like that feeling so I  gave myself a goal of getting caught up when I was feeling better. Now I will give MYSELF a Great BiG HiGH 5!!!! :o))

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  1. I loved it ! You have inspired me! It is so wonderful to be able to watch others create! Thank you!

    1. You are very welcome, HelenRae, I love it if I inspire someone!

  2. Seeing how you made all those different layers is a lovely insight into how you produced the happy page that resulted.

    1. Thank you, Frieda - I really enjoyed thinking about layers, usually I just do them!

  3. Gorgeous colors and LOVE the layers … glad you're feeling better and as inspiring and wonderFULL as ever in sharing your fab art!!

  4. Wow, this is so vibrant. Thanks as always for your step-by-step pics. Five layers seems daunting, but by the time you got done playing, there they all were. nice!

  5. gorgeous colors and layers and that stack of colorful mugs was the perfect finish!

  6. VERY VERY COOL colors and TEXTURES!!!!!!!

    1. Thank you Sue! It is a favorite spread of mine. I wanted to tell you that this blog, my blogspot blog, is an Archive now. Instead, I started to use a blog I created on my website in the middle of March, 2015 and am very happy having everything in one place! You can check it out here:
      :0) lenna



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