Friday, March 13, 2015

New Blog! Find me posting on the blog

I've decided to make a big change and discontinue writing my here on blogspot. I've created a new blog that is now part of my websiteAll posts from this blog have been imported to my new blog! 
I will not be posting to this location anymore.

I will leave this blog in place as an archive, but future posts can be found on the new blog: 

Commenting on the new blog is simple. Sign in with Google, Facebook, Twitter or Squarespace. Comments will be moderated as always and not published until approved. I hope you enjoy the new blog and website!


  1. Changed it on my blog list just now! Hugs.

    1. ❤ hugs to you, frieda!! Love it that you are the first to make the change!!

  2. How exciting - I will get my blog list changed forthwith :)



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