Saturday, January 31, 2015

Week 4: DLP

The Documented Life Project - January Theme: 
The Blank Page and How to Face It!
January 24  Art Challenge:  Writing
January 24 (week 4) Journal Prompt:  Words with Friends

This is where I went with those prompts . . . 

I started by finding notes and letters from some of my online friends I share art with.
I copied them onto plain white printer paper so I could keep the originals.
(I have a pile of envelopes I've received on a side table and a tin that I save them in too).

I chose notes from Jo Urbani, Jewels Welsh, Frieda Oxenham and Sharon Borsavage.
I cut them out and glued them into my journal with a glue stick.

I inked the writing/the letters directly with Chalk Inks by Colorbox . . .

Then I sprayed dye inks over in a layered fashion, including some gold "shine"
spray by heidi swapp. I really just played until I got a look I liked.

I accented words with a pen, added words, added a vine and velvet leaves for connection. 
I am still in touch with all of these special friends, I even went to visit Frieda last September in Scotland. Jo and Jewels and I exchange Mail Art and even though Sharon is so busy with work and her jewelry making, she still makes time to send me a note! Now that I am back on Facebook I am happy to say, I find it easier to catch up 
with all of them - it's so fun! 

❤ F R I E N D S ❤

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  1. It's lovely Lenna - and what a great idea - I am honoured you included one of my notes :) ... so happy you are back on FB (hope you are monitoring your time there!) I've spent today going through collections of stuff to find something for Week 5 as well as other pieces I want to work on. Love being able to do all this artsy stuff and learn more from you! J

  2. You have so many wonderful ideas, Lenna! Have you ever considered writing a book? I have just ordered two art journaling books written by a long standing online friend, and I would certainly buy one written by you! I have so many ideas of items I can use in journaling, but hadn't considered old letters ~ and I have a box full. They will surely come in handy as my journaling begins. :)

  3. Beautiful pages - and I'm chuffed to bis that I'm included too :)

    Looking forward to seeing what you do for Week 5!


  4. What a meaningful spread, Lenna! Great idea. You're doing beautifully with the DLP.

  5. That's a great idea! Thought I recognized my handwriting there. Love the colours you've used and the idea of the golden shine.

  6. beautiful pages and a lovely tribute to your friends!

  7. What a great way to interpret this theme!



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