Saturday, October 4, 2014

We ❤ mail art Exchange: Foldnotes

I am lucky to exchange mail art with my 2 friends, Julie Welsh and Jo Urbani -check out their blogs! They have both also written about our exchange for September 2014: Foldnotes. Take one magazine page, paint it for more strength and then decorate it as you like. Here's how mine started:

I used a light coat of gesso (white paint) and then stenciled on top of that with spray dyes. After that, you fold the envelope up after writing a note or adding an image to the inside. The directions we followed were from Karen Isaacson's Blog.

I enjoyed this process so much, I ended up making over a dozen of these Foldnotes and sending them all out! I took a bunch of photos too, so I have made a little video. Enjoy -it is very colorful and moves along fast! Thanks again to Jewels & Jo. Looking forward to the October swap.


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  1. Does the fun never end?? Seriously now, this is good stuff. Your mail person much love picking up and delivering!

  2. This was a super swap, wasn't it Lenna? Great fun :)




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