Sunday, October 26, 2014

Walking in fields, walking by Art

I am returning to my visit with Frieda in Scotland last month. I've added more to my art journal about that glorious week! On the left, Frieda & I were walking in the fields near her house with her dogs. When I showed this page to Steven, he remarked how fitting it was that I chose to add hand drawn stitches around the photo of Frieda. She is very well known as an award winning Art Quilter and stitching is how she often speaks : ) I did not even consciously think about what I was doing, it just came to me as I was journaling..

On the other page is the beginnings of a few pages about our visit to Jupiter Artland and what we saw while walking there. This is an amazing 80 acre private country estate that invited contemporary artists to exhibit, often outdoors in a site of their choosing. Later, the public was invited to explore and discover during the summer months. A short video is here, sharing some of the artist's work on the grounds of the estate.

Frieda is walking past mirrored and tessellated spray painted chrome panels on the back of the building where we paid our entrance fee to Jupiter. More photos and explanation of this interesting installation by Jim Lambie, here. Jupiter Artland is also committed to being an educational resource year round for school children.

Frieda introduced me to the Stencil Girl products while I was visiting her in Scotland and since then I have signed up for their Stencil Club. That is what you see used here as a page background.

Here is how I originally started this spread . . .

Jupiter Artland was probably the most interesting place Frieda took me to, in my opinion! 
I will have more to share about it via my art journal next week. I need to take a break every now & then from the large job of rebuilding my website. Working in my journal and remembering my visit, using my ephemera I collected and saved is a wonderful way to take that break.
Thank you again, Frieda!!!!

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  1. It's great to see this and remember the days we spend together, the fun we had and the enjoyment in each other's company. It took me right back to that day. So glad you joined the Stencilgirl Club too. I love that stencil you used for the page.

    1. Yes, I love adding photos, art & memories of our time together to my art journal and I plan to do some more soon! It was such a special time. I do love those Stencil Girl stencils, ever since we used them in your painting shed!

  2. Lovely post and a wonderful way to keep the memories....Is this the new look for your blog?

    1. Thanks Jewels . . . . This blog was updated not too long ago, but it is my website, not my blog that I am re-doing. The old website is still here: -set up by my oldest son 19 years ago. I am working on a completely redesigned personal website with some of the same content -but a lot of new content, a whole new re-organization and a much better design. A lot easier to update too! It should be ready and transferred over to that URL in 2 weeks I hope! I will announce it here.

  3. wonderful pages and stenciling Lenna-but what I love most is reading and seeing your time with Frieda-so very special!! What a great way to relive your memories.

    1. Thank you, Linda, I feel the same as you! I like adding those memories of that time with Frieda to this art journal the best of all : )
      I so appreciate you looking & commenting!



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