Thursday, October 2, 2014

American Impressionism in Scotland!

During my visit, Frieda & I went to the Scottish National Gallery of Modern Art to see the American Impressionism exhibit. She had visited earlier in the summer and had it as an option on her long list of things for us to do while I was there. Of course I said yes to this! I love the Impressionistic style. Frieda shared a bit about our National Gallery visit on her blog the day we went -September 19, 2014. This blog post shows how I used my Gelli printing from the other day and combined it with the photographs I took that day and a bit of doodling. I'm very happy with this spread!

Frieda walking into the National Gallery . . . .
Above, the "No Miracles" sign is an installation by artist Nathan Coley. 
We saw a similar but different sign by the same artist at Jupiter Artland. 

 The postcard in the middle was sent to me by Frieda. This painting is part of the exhibit.
She picked it up on her earlier visit to the museum and sent it to me saying she was looking forward to my arrival, looking out for me, just like this woman in the painting by Benson.

 Frieda checks out her photos so far, when we stopped for lunch in the Cafe! Perhaps she's found her blip?

We visited the National Gallery in the morning and in the afternoon we went to Rosslyn Chapel & Castle -what a fine day!

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  1. NICE! I like your little touches....Like the white scribbles, and the handwritten words!

    1. Thanks very much Sue- great to hear that feedback!

  2. This brought back many happy memories of our wonderful day together. What a time we had! Love how you put it all together! Hugs!

  3. You have plenty of journal fodder from your trip to fill several journals... Interesting spread.

  4. Super journal pages, and I love the postcard that you included from Frieda.


    1. Thanks Jo! It was not planned but when I thought of it it fit so well : )

  5. Hmm - not sure what happened there! You may have half a comment... Anyway, I think it's great that you were able to visit Frieda in Scotland! I enjoyed catching up on your trip through you posts. And how wonderful that you were also able to purchase one of Frieda's quilts! I'm glad you are participating in the Sketchbook Project again this year - I tried to see the show in person again this year but there was some problem with their travel arrangements and it didnt' work out. Unforutnately it doesn't come right to my home town! I love these pages and the way you incorporated the photos and the postcard. Lovely !



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