Sunday, October 26, 2014

Walking in fields, walking by Art

I am returning to my visit with Frieda in Scotland last month. I've added more to my art journal about that glorious week! On the left, Frieda & I were walking in the fields near her house with her dogs. When I showed this page to Steven, he remarked how fitting it was that I chose to add hand drawn stitches around the photo of Frieda. She is very well known as an award winning Art Quilter and stitching is how she often speaks : ) I did not even consciously think about what I was doing, it just came to me as I was journaling..

On the other page is the beginnings of a few pages about our visit to Jupiter Artland and what we saw while walking there. This is an amazing 80 acre private country estate that invited contemporary artists to exhibit, often outdoors in a site of their choosing. Later, the public was invited to explore and discover during the summer months. A short video is here, sharing some of the artist's work on the grounds of the estate.

Frieda is walking past mirrored and tessellated spray painted chrome panels on the back of the building where we paid our entrance fee to Jupiter. More photos and explanation of this interesting installation by Jim Lambie, here. Jupiter Artland is also committed to being an educational resource year round for school children.

Frieda introduced me to the Stencil Girl products while I was visiting her in Scotland and since then I have signed up for their Stencil Club. That is what you see used here as a page background.

Here is how I originally started this spread . . .

Jupiter Artland was probably the most interesting place Frieda took me to, in my opinion! 
I will have more to share about it via my art journal next week. I need to take a break every now & then from the large job of rebuilding my website. Working in my journal and remembering my visit, using my ephemera I collected and saved is a wonderful way to take that break.
Thank you again, Frieda!!!!

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Friday, October 24, 2014

Playing with paint in my journal

If I don't have an idea to get me started working in my art journal, then playing with paint is a sure fire way to get me to dive in.

Start by squeezing acrylic paint right on your journal page

I use various combs (example) made for moving paint and sometime I hand make my own.
Take a piece of cardboard or an old plastic card and cut the edges with notches.

I love the patterns and colors you can make

And it is fun and relaxing

I liked the paint patterns so much that I did not want to cover them up much

So I left it at that!

It was good just to play creatively and that is what my journal is for . . . 

It's filling up! 

This month I have been concentrating my efforts and time on a re-build (entirely new) of my creativelenna WEBSITE... The one that has been around since 1995 -yikes! 19 years. I am making good progress but it takes time and I want to be sure I get everything I want to keep from my old site, over to the new. I am building it on a squarespace platform which has been a great experience so far -highly recoommended. When I am done, the new website will have the same URL: as I will be transferring the domain over to the new site. You will easily be able to find it and I will send an announcement out. But I do have another spread of pages to share here and will return soon! 

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Thursday, October 9, 2014

Peebles, in the Scottish Borders

I really had fun creating this spread. It is about the town of Peebles in the Scottish Borders where Frieda had her exhibit of Journal Quilts. We went there together on the 20th of September for her Galley Talk at the Tweeddale Museum, home to her 52 Journals exhibit. The town of Peebles exemplified to me the "look" of the towns in the Scottish Borders . . . so many old stone buildings.

I wanted to mimic the stone for my background so I started with 
a template from Stencil Girl - which Frieda introduced me to!

various spray inks were used and I let the inks run . . .

A sponge with Adirondack ink pads in Terra Cotta and Butterscotch filled in the white spaces

The finished background below

I had a lot of photos of the town that I wanted to include, 
so I chose 3 to go directly on the page and 8 for a folding booklet.

Accordion style . . . 

with photos on both sides, attached with washi tape

and I journaled about it, free hand with a permanent marker

And this is only about the town and what I experienced being there! Inside the museum, Frieda welcomed vistors and gave a talk about her process when spending a year making one journal quilt a week, sized A4 (8.5x11") or 10x10". I videoed a part of her Gallery Talk and you are welcome to view it here via this link or click below if you are viewing on  the blog!

As I said to Frieda in a comment yesterday, this was a trip of a lifetime for me!

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Saturday, October 4, 2014

We ❤ mail art Exchange: Foldnotes

I am lucky to exchange mail art with my 2 friends, Julie Welsh and Jo Urbani -check out their blogs! They have both also written about our exchange for September 2014: Foldnotes. Take one magazine page, paint it for more strength and then decorate it as you like. Here's how mine started:

I used a light coat of gesso (white paint) and then stenciled on top of that with spray dyes. After that, you fold the envelope up after writing a note or adding an image to the inside. The directions we followed were from Karen Isaacson's Blog.

I enjoyed this process so much, I ended up making over a dozen of these Foldnotes and sending them all out! I took a bunch of photos too, so I have made a little video. Enjoy -it is very colorful and moves along fast! Thanks again to Jewels & Jo. Looking forward to the October swap.


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Thursday, October 2, 2014

American Impressionism in Scotland!

During my visit, Frieda & I went to the Scottish National Gallery of Modern Art to see the American Impressionism exhibit. She had visited earlier in the summer and had it as an option on her long list of things for us to do while I was there. Of course I said yes to this! I love the Impressionistic style. Frieda shared a bit about our National Gallery visit on her blog the day we went -September 19, 2014. This blog post shows how I used my Gelli printing from the other day and combined it with the photographs I took that day and a bit of doodling. I'm very happy with this spread!

Frieda walking into the National Gallery . . . .
Above, the "No Miracles" sign is an installation by artist Nathan Coley. 
We saw a similar but different sign by the same artist at Jupiter Artland. 

 The postcard in the middle was sent to me by Frieda. This painting is part of the exhibit.
She picked it up on her earlier visit to the museum and sent it to me saying she was looking forward to my arrival, looking out for me, just like this woman in the painting by Benson.

 Frieda checks out her photos so far, when we stopped for lunch in the Cafe! Perhaps she's found her blip?

We visited the National Gallery in the morning and in the afternoon we went to Rosslyn Chapel & Castle -what a fine day!

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