Tuesday, September 23, 2014

I've been to Scotland!

I've been to Scotland to visit my dear friend Frieda Oxenham, Art Quilter!
I will have more to add later, but wanted to share this one photo of the beautiful Talla Reservoir in the Scottish Borders. Frieda and her husband John took me here on Sunday 9/21/14.
Visit Frieda's blog for more of our adventures Sept 15-22. We really had such a lovely time together!!! My travel journal on blipfoto begins on September 13th when I started my journey in Boston with my two sons and their wives. Start with this entry then mouse over the right side of the photo and click on the arrow to go to the next calendar day :))

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  1. I thoroughly enjoyed looking at all your photos Lenna! Glad you had such a wonderful time with family and then Frieda. Love the collage of Steve and the pups-I'm sure they missed you lots!

  2. Super photos of your amazing stay in Scotland with Frieda. xx



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