Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Gelli Printing session

Frieda re-introduced me to the Gelli Plate when I visited her in Scotland recently. At my request we played in her painting shed! I felt a little rusty but I got started, which is the most important part. This play time with her had me wanting to do more printing. Here is what happened today:

I think I used a little too much paint, but it all worked out anyway . . . . 

You'll be sure to see these printed papers turning up in other art soon! 
Thank you, Frieda - you also got me hooked on Stencil Girl : )

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  1. Great to see continuing to play with the gelli plate and I love the colours you've used. They look very impressionistic.

  2. Frieda's right about the colours being Impressionistic - they totally remind me of Renoir's Water Lilies! Good to see you're having fun with your gelli plate again. I must investigate Stencil Girl stencils....... :)


  3. Gelli prints are so much fun to do!



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