Friday, August 8, 2014

Starburst :: Tangent No. 1

Art Journaling :: Starburst Tangent No. 1
Part of the Daisy Yellow Tangents and Tactics Series

This was really fun to do! I am currently using the DY Daily Paper prompts by doing them in my art journal. This was something extra that Tammy from Daisy Yellow Art does on Fridays. Find out more about the DY Art Journaling Tangents and Tactics Series HERE. To see more of this page (how I started) and others following the daily paper prompts in my new journal, follow this link : )

❤ Thanks for coming by!
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  1. This time I followed the link before posting my commnent- and wow! I love your art journal photos. Of course the "stitching" on your starburst appeals to me right away, but all the colors and patterns- just glorious!

  2. Woohoo Lenna - I can leave a comment here easily1 I love your starburst tangent! It is just fab - especially love the heart in the middle, grounding it all. And that mosaic ray. And everything else. :)

  3. really fab colorful page Lenna-I'm going to check the link:)

  4. Love your work, and tried signing up for your emails. I nhave had the same gmail addy for years, but the subscription system you use keeps telling me its not valid. Is it "broke"??

  5. De - I use feedblitz for a subscription email service, you would have to go directly through them:
    So sorry for your trouble. I don't send the posts out, they do. Try contacting them. I did not have your email to respond to so I hope you see this.



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