Tuesday, June 3, 2014

I-CAD! You-CAD! We all-CAD!

I've made a deal with myself to participate in ICAD (Index card a day) every day during June & July to equal 61 cards. That's my plan and I'm sticking to it! If something happens and I miss a day I'll deal with it and continue. But it is my intention to do something creative (or not!!!) on an index card on a daily basis.

June 2, 2014 ☀ Index card #2

The theme this week is TEXT: found poetry, lettering, calligraphy, alphabets, quotes . . . and that appeals to me, so I am using this theme, which is optional. There are daily prompts as well. I did not go with the prompt for June 2nd, but I did for June 1st. The prompts and themes are there for you if you want them! 

ICAD is a very well organized challenge, by Tammy Garcia of Daisy Yellow. Do check it out! It's my second year participating and I am excited to be taking part. What I like the best is the creative habit doing this instills in me. You might think, Why do art on a throw-away office supply? Well, that's the point! This year I find myself caring less what my cards look like and more that I just get into the habit of using my art supplies. I think Tammy says it best on the ICAD FAQs page (check that link!):

"The challenge is about the DOING and not the KEEPING or PRESERVING or ARCHIVING. It is the process of creating each day that matters."

June 1st, 2014 ☀ Index card #1

I hope you'll join me, that would be fun! 
I took all of 15 minutes to do my June 2nd card and I felt so much better after I did! Any questions, let me know . . . .

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  1. Great Lenna! So what do you do with all your cards????

  2. Jewels, right now the cards I did last year are in a little straw basket on a small table in my living room. I have a picture of them here: https://www.facebook.com/creativelenna.art/photos/a.563909690317005.1073741825.275744685800175/563933060314668/?type=3&theater
    I don't know if that will link, but in case it doesn't, there is an album on my facebook page. When people come over & want to see what kind of art I do, I often show them that.

    Some people punch 2 holes at the top and put them on one of those flip things, like an open book? Mostly people do them just to do them, maybe take a big quilt-like photo of them at the end. For me this year especially, it's all about the "habit" of doing art. I really try not to think about how pretty it might look and think more about diving in and doing it. For me it is the experience, not the product because that is what a need right now!! You could find a little photo book to put them in, some people send them off as postcards . . . tammy has a bunch of ideas on her site -follow those links if you have not yet!!! Thanks for asking :))

  3. Love how you're jumping into your second year of making these delectable cards and I seriously thought about joining you. But I'm simply too busy just now with the exhibition coming up in August, writing articles and doing the publicity. I did buy a box of the index cards though and might well do something with them one of these fine days!In the meantime I'm looking for inspiration on your ones.

  4. I won't be joining in this year, but I will enjoy looking at what you create :)

    I love your first one!


  5. You're off to a FINE start Lenna!! As tempting as it is I already have more than enough on my plate art-wise and otherwise but it does sound like lots of fun:)



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