Thursday, May 1, 2014

Night Sky ❤ Mail Art

The "We ❤ Mail Art" threesome is here again!
That means me, lenna young - and Julie/Jewels (read her post) - and Jo (read her night sky post). We finished up another Mail Art exchange last month, April, on a theme of "Night Sky". We each created a postcard and painted, papered and stamped an envelope for each other. They came out different! It really is a fun exchange even though I rack my brain sometimes. When I just start actually working on our exchange, everything falls into place and it feels so good. Plus it is so wonderful to get these great pieces in my mail box!

I had fun creating another short video to show this exchange off. It moves through my process of how I combined a number of photos I took at night to make one layered, spectacular Night Sky Photo, which I then turned into a card. The video also shows how I used another brilliant orange red sunset photo -printed out, to create my envelopes. And, I also included what Jewels and Jo made and sent to me just to round it all off! If you can't see the video below, use this link to get there:

Enjoy! Have you sent a card instead of an email lately? Added any mail art to the envelope?
Do try it . . . It is smile inducing for both the sender and the receiver ❤

 “Creativity takes courage.”
 ― Henri Matisse

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  1. thanks for that wonderful video Lenna. Your mail art projects are just beautiful!! I love how you made envies from photos of your gorgeous night sky!



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