Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Mail art from my ❤

I do love sending out for our mail art exchanges, don't get me wrong. That mail art comes from my heart too! But this is a post about all the personal mail art I sent -just for fun- in April and so far in May. Above is the back of an envelope I sent to my son Dallas & his wife Liz. They have 2 cats, hence the "sealed with a kitty" and I thought Dallas would laugh at the LET ME KNOW IF YOU DON'T RECEIVE THIS stamp! The center sticker is an "art pop" from Roben Marie. I have fallen in love with these!!

I like to make animoto slideshow videos -they are easy to put together. You can try making a short one for free by following that link. This video is only 1:25 but will share with you 6 different mail art pieces I made. I will embeded it below, but if you do not see the video here, just click on this link:  http://youtu.be/Z8ao6AfIjVI.

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  1. The world needs more good old fashioned mail, arriving in our mail boxes, rather than words permanently being sent across the internet waves. Maybe mail art will start up a "new" trend of sending real mail! I hope so. ~ Joanne. :)

  2. These are great, Lenna! Just imagine all that prettiness going out there into the world. I love Roben-Marie's things, too. Just finished my Ripped & Stitched journal from her class and it's on my blog currently. Very drawn to her work! Yours, too.

  3. So much gorgeous mail going on journeys all over the world to the lucky recipients.

  4. I love that mail art, cards and letters are still being sent-and what a joy it is to receive them!! I'm sure the recipients of your arty envies are so happy to receive them. You have such a GREAT selection of mail art stamps :)



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