Sunday, May 25, 2014

Fun in the sun: Heliographic art

I have owned the Setacolor light sensitive fabric paints for some time, but had never got them out and tried them. Then, fortunately I was inspired by Gunnel Svensson and the sun printing she did recently. When I saw her pieces, I said "I'm going to do that!" After a successful trial I wrote a Free Tutorial on HOW to do this easy and fun project and added it to my teaching site. Read the tutorial here and view some of my samples below. I am blessed to be growing grapevines on our pergola here in Florida and I had a wealth of material to work with.

Below is the same silk scarf when wet with paint . . .
but not sun printed yet.

I will be back tomorrow to participate in a "virtual blog tour"!
My friend Joanna in the UK invited me to share a peek into my art world
by answering some questions -the same ones she did. 
I'm doing this because she listed 
me as one of 3 artists who inspire her. 
wow! what an honor. See you again tomorrow :)

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  1. Wow, Lenna -- this is sooo BEAUTIFUL and cool … thanks for sharing this; love it!

  2. You've literally made my fingers itch to go and try this for myself! Love that you've used the materials from your garden to make it even more special.

  3. These are just beautiful! The grape leaves are just the right mask size-wise. I'm seeing some prayer flag possibilities here.

  4. wow- these are gorgeous Lenna!!! Thanks for the tutorial too.



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