Wednesday, April 30, 2014

❤ We Love Mail Art ❤ Renaissance Mash-up exchange!

I am seriously behind in documenting my Mail Art exchange with my friends Julie Welsh (Jewels) and Jo Urbani so I made a pact with myself to catch up -this is one of 2 posts. Especially becuase during the next two weeks we will be sending out our mail art again on a new theme - tickled pink! I look forward to sharing that here as well ❤ 

Back in January and February of this year we worked on a theme of Renaissance Mash-up! The idea was to use something from that period but you could "mash it up" with other things. The idea of our exchange is the three of us create a postcard on a theme and also a mail art envelope for each other every month or so. I met Jewels and Jo both in 2010 through Mary Green's Vintage Gluebook Class and we have been friends ever since!

yesterday I created a 1:30 animoto video to share my process creating for this exchange and also what I received from Jo and Jewels. If you cannot see the video embedded below, the direct link to the video on YouTube is:

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  1. Love the video. Great to see how your cards and envelopes come together and the music was wonderful too.

  2. beautiful cards and envies Lenna! Isn't it wonderful how we can become so connected through across the miles conversations online and nurture friendships.

  3. Love that you put this video together; this was such a fun swap to do!


  4. Whoot Whoot - wait till you see tickled pink LOL - this was wonderful Lenna....

  5. Enjoyed your video and your art! What fun. I miss Mary Green's challenges and took her glue book class, too.



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