Thursday, April 3, 2014

Art Journaling in March: Part 2

This is the second to last set of pages in my affirmation art journal that I am happy to share here. 
It worked! I am back to my blog sooner rather than later to add more content -yay!

It all started with a photo of Steven motoring our boat home on the Braden River.
I liked the photo and had an idea to paint "water" on the blank pages.

I watered down a small amount of halo blue gold Lumiere paint and used a Sumi brush designed by my art instructor, Bill Buchman. I like the way this brush holds paint and allows me to freely move it around the page. 

First I added a little bit of water . . .

And then I added more water to blend the background and give contrast to my painted water. 

A little extra gold Lumiere paint was added on top. . .
Steven is towing one of our canoes home after I paddled over to Lucas Boatworks. 
I'm in the boat with him!

Then I searched for a positive affirmation to add. 
I had been reading over Bill Buchman's book Expressive Figure Drawing. I haven't taken this course with him yet, but was introduced to this book while in his Creative Breakout class. The book has wonderful information about expressive figure drawing, but also about art supplies and Bill's general philosophy towards art. 
When I came across this quote it really hit me! 

So I typed it into a word document and printed it onto a variety of papers. I was most pleased with this translucent paper because I liked the way my painting showed through. 

Attitude is everything! 
Thank you, Bill Buchman

One more spread to finish sharing this journal . . . I'll be back! 
Thanks so much for visiting and a special thanks to you who left comments on Part 1. 
It was wonderful to hear from you!!!

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  1. You've done the water beautifully. I feel I could dive right in there, and the boat looks great floating in among it. As for Bill's quote, it's perfect, and as close to my heart as it is to yours.

  2. What a great idea...I like the COOL = )



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