Sunday, April 6, 2014

Affirmation Journal is done!

I'm finishing up my art journal of affirmations, take a peek!

The whole journal opened up -click on any photo for a larger view

For the last page I journaled about the experience and thanked my friend Jo Urbani. She gave me a list 
of positive affirmations back in 2012 that helped me get started with this, wheeee!

On the left side I wrote out most of the affirmations I used throughout the book . . .
then added watercolor crayons with a wash a water over them.

Here's what  my journal looks like from the side

After I completed all the pages I looked at the cover. 
It's a mess!

I decided to cover it with scrapbooking paper and washi tape, then added rubber stamping too. The words, 
The Sweet Life were already printed on the paper.

The back - there you see the black elastic that wraps around the journal to keep it closed.

I used my Xyron adhesive machine to attach the paper to the cover 
and added my title with a white gel pen.

more of the inside pages . . . 

You can see all of the inside pages over on my flickr account.
There are 2 sets: Art journal with affirmations 2012 - 1st set
and Affirmations Journal 2013-14: 2nd set

I've got my next blank art journal already picked out. It's a lot different. It's larger with very sturdy paper. I look forward to working in it! In the meantime, I have signed up for an online workshop with Roben Marie Smith, Snap & Share. I have started gathering supplies and hope to try something from the class out soon! What have you been working on?? Let me know! I don't know about you, but I am finding it more of a challenge to get everything I want to do,
done lately. I'm dancing a lot in Nia class or Conscious Movement and I started attending a class (beginners) with a local dance company, Fuzion. I do take time for my blipfoto journal everyday . . .
I feel like I should be getting more done, but maybe not!!! 

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  1. You do more , and do it so well, thank anyone I know! You have the most incredible journals I have seen, and this one is gorgeous, just simple raw beauty! Love, love, love!

  2. Congrats on fine job!!! Love the variety and the use of words...TOO cool!

  3. Your journal looks great. Lots of luscious 'crispy' pages.

  4. It's looking fantastic, Lenna, and is something to be very proud of. Great too to look back on and reread those affirmations in the future. I LOVE what you've done with the cover!

  5. Absolutely beautiful art journal, Lenna. I love the cover you've given it too (although I also loved it plain and painty!).


  6. Your journal turned out beautifully! OK, time for an affirmation on time for everything. I know the feeling- always more to do than there is time. I'm taking the Snap and Share class, too. Delightful. I look forward to seeing what you've done with it. My projects are underway, but not yet complete to share on the blog. You look great, by the way!

  7. It looks fabulous! What a bulging colour burst!

    As for no time to get to everything - yep, I hear you. But just today i finished a canvas that has been sitting giving me the evil eye all Winter! Hurrah! Feels good doesn't it?

  8. what a gorgeous book full of joy Lenna!! I love the covers and choice of papers you used. I'm sure this will give you so much pleasure every time you look through it. Robin's class looks REALLY good! I may just be signing up for that one soon-after I get through some beach time with friends and then Easter :) I know just how you feel about time and wanting to do more. I think if there was a way for me to accomplish something even during my sleep I'd do it! You look wonderful my friend.

  9. Hi Lenna.....this is Donna Cipriano. Judi Bigda and I use to take classes from you primarily at Stamper's Cove in Conn. I am so glad that I have located you once again. Saw your picture with blonde are looking hot! Anyway, my hubby and I have moved to Ft. Pierce recently. Went to an Art Walk and talked to a woman named Cheryl Boglioli. She so reminded me of you and your art journals and mixed media. She has a studio in an Art building here in Ft. Pierce with many other artists. Fun to walk through. Anyway, glad to see you are doing well.

  10. Your new journal is so wonderful! An affirmation journal is so beneficial! The bold vibrant colors are fab.



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