Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Dance your way into 2014!

H a p p y  N e w  Y e a r ! 
This photo was taken on Christmas Day by my dear friend Cheryl : )
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And below, a video I created from all of the photos I took that day! 

This was the 3rd Annual dance, potluck and Jam on Siesta Key beach, 
organized by my friend Kathy Oravec who facilitates Conscious Movement.
The link is here if you do not see it in the post! 

Then later, Steven and I went to my mom's and had a lovely, quiet meal with her 
and all of our dogs, we are very blessed! Wishing you all the best! 

 Asia, Steve and Loki on Christmas night.
There were 5 dogs and 3 humans enjoying the evening!

Asia says, is this my place for dinner?

Loki, my mom & Imp

Asia, Steve & mom's new puppy Beda :)

Loki, Asia & Chloe

Peace and love to you and your loved ones, xo

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  1. Gorgeous, Lenna! And it looks like both dogs and humans had a great time.
    Sending you my very best wishes and lots of love for 2014. May it be all you want it to be.

  2. Happy healthy New Year to you and yours. Wishing you the best on 2014. Hugs. Beth

  3. Happy New Year, my dear Lenna! You look so joyfully beautiful dancing on the beach. Sincere wishes for a healthy happy blessed 2014!


  4. A colorful, sun-filled and fun-filled day. Did I even spy a hula hoop and a sock monkey? Happy New Year!

  5. You look so happy in your Christmas Day photo :)

    Wishing you and those you love a very happy and healthy 2014.


  6. Oh Lenna dear you are truly radiating pure joy!! I have never seen you look so happy.You look wonderful my friend. Love the photos of all the celebrating with family and the furry friends. A very happy, healthy new year!!

  7. Yay!! This makes me so happy dear Lenna. You are truly blessed. What a beautiful life. Happy New Year my friend.



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