Friday, September 6, 2013

Draw a chandelier

Daily Paper Prompt #17: Chandelier (from Daisy Yellow)

I knew the next prompt for me was "chandelier" and I had no clue about what I was going to do. At the same time I was preparing for an image transfer class I'll teach at the end of the month, trying out new transfer things for me. At this point I had successfully used TAP transfer paper to transfer a photo to fabric . . . ( I like it!)

Then on a whim I thought I would try transferring photos directly into my art journal and see how they would transfer to paper. The watercolor paper is textured and made the transfers a bit incomplete. I think I will try preparing the paper with paint or gesso first next time . . . 

I went and looked at the prompt again and all it said was, "draw a chandelier".
Sometimes there are more options but not this time, so I dove in.
I drew a chandelier from memory in a loose free-form kind of way.

The pen I used for the chandelier and text about it was not permanent and so it ran a bit when 
I added my watercolor. I used a permanent Micron pen for my positive affirmations. 

I like how the daisy yellow prompts often get me to venture . . . 
where I would not have gone otherwise!

P.S. The transfer above left is my husband Steven in our boat Chelsea. He's towing the Kayak Dock he made at Lucas Boatworks, home to our house for us to use. Lucas Boatworks is across the river from us and keeps Steven active, creating and pretty much out of trouble (I almost got in trouble for those remarks as he reads my blog!) Steven thought it would be fun to give the dogs their own "boat" and let them cross the river (a 5 minute ride) on the floating kayak dock he was towing, instead of in the boat Chelsea with him as usual. I do not know who is sillier, Steve or our dogs?!! : ) I will let you be the judge! Here's the photo I used for the transfer . . .  

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  1. Remember that dog crossing picture so well. Great idea to use TAP to transfer on paper too! And a beautiful chandelier. Having the paint run a bit gives the impression the chandelier is swinging a bit. Like!

  2. Lenna I love how your transfers turned out and what a fun chandelier illustration. Who's the sillier? I think it's a tie. love that photo :)

  3. Wonderful! Your dogs and Steven look like they're having terrific fun :)




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