Sunday, September 1, 2013

dictionary love

The prompt I followed this time (from daisy yellow) for this spread in my art journal is called dictionary love. : )
I have used old dictionary pages before in altered books and collage art, but never quite like I ended up doing here. There was a guest artist on the daisy yellow site (see 'prompt' link above) sharing ways to utilize old dictionary pages and I am sure her ideas helped me to branch out in my thinking. I really like the way this spread came out. I took a bunch of photos of the process and finished art journal page.

I started by covering the page spread with sections of the dictionary pages I liked. 

Then I used colored pencils to circle or highlight the words. 
Soon after that I used watercolor crayons for more oomph! 

I did not have a plan but doodled around connecting my chosen words.

I grew up in Glastonbury, CT - that's why I chose that word to highlight : )

I added white watercolor with my crayon to blend and meld . . .

After I wet it it looked like this . . . 

The other side of the spread before I added doodles with a white pen . . .

The full spread finished with my positive affirmation:
I am present

Close up, on the left side:

Close-up on the right side:
(I spelled 'fearless' wrong - must fix that!!)

I used a white uni-ball SIGNO pen and it worked great!

Steven took some photos : )

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  1. I think this is soooo beautiful, it reflects you perfectly Lenna!

  2. This is such a pleasing spread. Very free, colorful, sun-splashed. Cute pics of you with the sketch book too.

  3. really beautiful Lenna. I love how the white doodling makes everything look so connected(that is a GREAT pen isn't it?)
    And you my dear, look positively wonderful and radiant!

  4. These pages are BEAUTIFUL! Aah, it looks like you have found that which is always sought by art journallers - the perfect white pen ;)




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