Monday, August 19, 2013

Grids gone wild!!

"Grids" were the latest prompt I did from Daisy Yellow and did I have fun experimenting! What is nice for me is the prompt gets me started and then I am free to explore . . . .

1st step - my grids

I went from something simple like what you see above, to this . . . .

I made a 2 minute video about it!

To see all the steps, click on this link if you do not see the video below.

Thanks for looking! The video is quite fun : )

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  1. The grids are so colorful and fun ... wonderful video too ... so cool seeing this journal grow!

  2. Beautiful pages. Gorgeous video (love that music!)

    The bit where you have it open so you can see the other pages - I have a page like your one with the circles on in my book. You make me think I need to add words to mine! Hmm.

    Twinkling H2o's. One of these days I'll splash out on some of those!

  3. Love your colours, Lenna. Reminds me of the Easter baskets they made when I was a child. beautiful. xodonna

  4. I always love seeing your process just as much as your are the freest spirit I know,and true joy pours from your heart and it shows! I love this !

  5. what a gorgeous, vibrant spread Lenna-it makes me smile all over! Good job with the vid too ;)

  6. SO very pretty! Beautiful pages, Lenna :)



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