Monday, August 5, 2013

Flowers . . . ATC swap/daily paper prompt

"Flowers" was the daily paper prompt today at Daisy Yellow AND it's also the theme for the ARTchix Studio ATC swap I signed up for. Don't you love it when that happens? I needed to make the ATCs and did not have extra time to make a separate response to the DPP . . .  so I combined my efforts and enthusiasm for paper & flowers. Here's what happened :)

I used playing cards as my base and painting over the patterned side with two coats of gesso...

I used my watercolor crayons in a rainbow of colors around the edges...

played with the placement of my "hats in bloom" women...

Activated the watercolor with a wet brush, added ripped sections of the "Impressionists Garden" sheet to lay underneath the women, added transparency bits from "Spring Blossom" (all ARTchix sheets) and rubber stamping with a flower stamp by Magenta. To finish these, pigment powder in turquoise blue for a little shimmer.

The backs

My flower ATCs . . . and my creative work for the day with Daisy Yellow prompts!

Have you made any ATCs lately?? 
Just 2 and 1/2" by 3 and 1/2". Quite small, not very hard to do and really fun to make!

Edit: Jewels asked where I got these playing cards? I am afraid I don't remember, perhaps a rubber stamp show?? But I took a couple pictures. They are Antique Fortune Telling cards!

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  1. LOVE these, Lenna! (And the process pics too!) I'm in this swap too ... who knows, I might be lucky enough to get one of these beauties!! Thanks for posting this :-)

  2. These are lovely ATCs, I really like the rainbow colours you've chosen and the ARTchix images :)


  3. These turned out beautifully, and the step-by-step photos really explain your process. Thanks for sharing these.

  4. In a way, it's too bad they have to be separated - together they make such a statement. Absolutely gorgeous, all of them and using the antique fortune telling cards as backing - what a bonus. So impressed! hugs, Donna

  5. so innovative using the flowers as hats, they look so good....thank you for explaining how you put the pieces together.

  6. Love the flowers on these ATC. So pretty. Great step by step photos.



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