Saturday, August 10, 2013

Faded . . .

I know this journal page looks rather bright at first glance, but I'm serious, faded is the prompt from Daisy Yellow! (prompt details are here) I started out by doing a very faded background and then later added a color copy of one of my ICADs (index card a day). It was fun to take the simple "faded" prompt and run with it, literally! I watered down my paint so it almost ran down the page.

I did not cover the pages fully, but left some blank spaces. At the same time, I happened to be color copying some of the ICADs I did in June and July this year (another Daisy Yellow challenge) to use for postcards. It hit me how great this index card art would look on the faded background, so I immediately paired them up. How I made the original index card is here.

I expected to do more painting, stamping, collage and decorating on the adjacent page, but after finding the affirmation I would use on the spread, I said to myself - nope! I think this looks just right with only the affirmation in the middle of the faded page. When I shared the journal with Steven he said he thought working with the prompts is getting me to work in more unfamiliar ways. All good! I tend to rely on my favorite ways of expressing myself when left to my own devices. When someone else gives me a theme it more often makes me stretch more. Do themes and prompts help you or hinder you? I'm curious!

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  1. Loved to read how you arrived at this colourful spread from the Faded prompt. Like you I think working to set themes is a good stretch for the artistic muscles.

  2. Love how this turned out Lenna (happy to see we both like the same kind of yogurt too LOL). The design is wonderful.

  3. I totally agree - the affirmation needs nothing more on the page - it says it all. Love it! xoDonna

  4. Lenna, The pages together are beautifully balanced, elegant simplicity.


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