Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Another Paper Prompt from Daisy Yellow : )

Another Paper Prompt from Daisy Yellow : )
"Stitch Paper"

I combined this prompt with a positive affirmation and worked in my art journal. Actually, first I started outside of the journal, stitching paper onto a plain index card I had leftover from doing the ICAD Project with Daisy Yellow. I chose a variety of papers and then did some machine stitching of some of them onto my purple index card . . .

I love sewing on paper so this prompt was fun for me. I tried to think of a 
different way to stitch paper than I had before, just to keep it fresh. 

Then, for the background pages in my journal, I picked a funny paper napkin. 
Pulling off the two layers underneath the printed one and throwing them away, I worked only with the top thin layer. 
I used matte medium on the pages and on top of the paper napkin.

DO you see what the napkin says?? Look closer, click on the photo!

I dreamed my whole house was clean

(smile, don't we all wish!)

I felt I needed to cut the index card in half, in order to get it to look good in my eyes...

I do think it was a good idea!

The full spread below, with my affirmation from Deepak Chopra top left . . .

:: Today I choose to accept myself ::

The whole positive affirmation journal so far . . .

What do you think? 

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  1. I think your affirmations journal is AWEsome!! So cool. And I adore Anne Taintor sayings. Sewing on paper ... just love that ... and I want you to know that sharing your journal and index cards has been so inspiring ... I have created a couple myself (going with the prompts that call to me) or just riffing off the idea of spending even just a short time creating with what's on hand is very satisfying ... thanks, Lenna!!

    And ps ... LOVE the new creativelenna.tumblr.com format ... looks fab (and I would leave a note there, but my interface with "Disqus" is still in a spin ... must be something on my end) ... and thank you for posting in both places! :-)

  2. A fabulous idea - an Affirmation journal. Doesn't get better than that. Love this spread, Lenna. Beautiful colours. You were asking if I meditate with Depak. I have not missed one of his free guided meditations. They are awesome. I'm sure you are falling in love with them as well. Great way to begin my morning. Enjoy. xoDonna

  3. Love your affirmation journal Lenna!! I had to smile at that napkin too. The layering,stitching and fibrous paper are fabulous!

  4. I dream that too, but on waking it's never true!
    Lovely to see how you are working back in your journal again and of course I LOVE to see stitching specially.


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