Friday, August 30, 2013

* words*

"Words" was the next prompt I followed from Daisy Yellow. "Create art comprised mostly of words."
So that is what I did! I have been doing meditations with Deepak Chopra online and scribbled in a notebook part of his talk, before one of the meditations. I read the prompt, then thought to myself, I would love to have Deepak's words in my positive affirmation journal. Positive affirmation is what he is all about! I started my spread by adding gesso to the pages to give them some weight and texture and then I spread the gesso out with a foam brush and let the pages dry.

Then I chose various watercolor pencils and started writing! 

The full spread. I used a slightly wet brush to release some of the color 
and later Steven told me it was Jung - not Yung! - I fixed it : )

I love how this art journal is growing, slowly but surely. I am not doing these prompts daily, although you could! I'm going at a slower pace and honoring what Tammy (daisy yellow) said about completing these prompts at my own pace. I love being creative in here again! It is my own messy, quirky, beautiful little book where I allow myself to play just for me and to keep me thinking, exploring, learning, growing, having fun and smiling!!!

Thanks for stopping by and saying hi! 

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Friday, August 23, 2013

Saturated Color

Another wonderful prompt from daisy yellow has made it's way into my positive affirmation art journal. Happy am I to be playing on these pages again. Perhaps not every single day, but very consistently I am called to be present with it . . . whoo hoo!

I started here, with water soluble oil pastels, wetting the page first

The circles and saturated color grew . . .

On the other side of the spread, a large circle and heart took shape

lastly, I hand painted in an affirmation from the list my friend Jo gave me : )

Are you working in an art journal, aspiring to, or doing something else? Let me know with a comment!

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Monday, August 19, 2013

Grids gone wild!!

"Grids" were the latest prompt I did from Daisy Yellow and did I have fun experimenting! What is nice for me is the prompt gets me started and then I am free to explore . . . .

1st step - my grids

I went from something simple like what you see above, to this . . . .

I made a 2 minute video about it!

To see all the steps, click on this link if you do not see the video below.

Thanks for looking! The video is quite fun : )

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Friday, August 16, 2013


ROUND is the next prompt from daisy yellow. You can pick up these prompts at anytime and work at tour own pace. When I did the ICAD project through Daisy Yellow I did not follow any of the prompts, I simply worked at whatever I felt like which was legal! But now that I am doing the prompts I can see that they are: a) helpful and b) get me to stretch and try new things. Go for it! I am working in my positive affirmation journal again, I will try to do that whenever I can.
I got out a round template, a pencil and watercolor crayons. I did not plan my circles, I just picked one circle and went from there, adding to fit the page as I went. Here is how my process went in pictures . . . 

1st time I got the watercolor wet . . . 

I added more crayons to the outer circle

Now I like how the colors look - clearer!

Using my zen brush from Bill Buchman

I got the idea for the other page to have one circle

I liked this very much
The affirmation comes from the meditations I have been doing 
with Depak Chopra . . . very helpful

when it was dry the page still looked good! 

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Thursday, August 15, 2013

Ogee prompt in my affirmation journal

The next daily paper prompt up was Ogee Pattern. I saw the pictures on the prompt page but I had never heard of this word before . . . so I looked it up! A double curve, resembling the letter S, formed by the union of a concave and a convex line...

:: my first try at an ogee pattern ::

 I added yellow paint ~ dye-na-flow
I'm working in my positive affirmations journal

I decided to emphasize the pattern with thick black lines around the curves.

Then I got the idea to add dots and got a stencil out . . .

I learned the ogee shape is prevalent in architecture too.

This image is from ARTchix Studio, they have the best stuff!

my positive affirmation for this spread is serene & peaceful.

You can view all of the pages you see fanned out, in detail here!

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Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Another Paper Prompt from Daisy Yellow : )

Another Paper Prompt from Daisy Yellow : )
"Stitch Paper"

I combined this prompt with a positive affirmation and worked in my art journal. Actually, first I started outside of the journal, stitching paper onto a plain index card I had leftover from doing the ICAD Project with Daisy Yellow. I chose a variety of papers and then did some machine stitching of some of them onto my purple index card . . .

I love sewing on paper so this prompt was fun for me. I tried to think of a 
different way to stitch paper than I had before, just to keep it fresh. 

Then, for the background pages in my journal, I picked a funny paper napkin. 
Pulling off the two layers underneath the printed one and throwing them away, I worked only with the top thin layer. 
I used matte medium on the pages and on top of the paper napkin.

DO you see what the napkin says?? Look closer, click on the photo!

I dreamed my whole house was clean

(smile, don't we all wish!)

I felt I needed to cut the index card in half, in order to get it to look good in my eyes...

I do think it was a good idea!

The full spread below, with my affirmation from Deepak Chopra top left . . .

:: Today I choose to accept myself ::

The whole positive affirmation journal so far . . .

What do you think? 

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Sunday, August 11, 2013

mail art exchange

The most recent theme for our mail art exchange group: we heart mail art was, "summer picnic." It was just me & Jewels this time as Joanna could not join us . . . but all three of us will be exchanging next time. While you are looking at our mail art below you might want to have a listen to this . . . - The 5th Dimension
"Stoned Soul Picnic" -give it a play-
(Jewels referred to this song when she sent her art and I could not help but look it up!)
First I'll share what I came up with. It was rather silly, but it fit the theme and I had fun doing it. Jewels and her new dog Mr. Darcy, enjoyed it as well. She wrote a note, or I should say, MR DARCY wrote a note after receiving and I must quote, it made me smile so much. (note: Lenna PIE was my Nonie's pet name for me!)

Dear Ms Pie - Mum told me to tell you how thrilled we are with your invite. 
She was doing a lot of oohing and ah-hing opening up your lovely mail art when we got home. I have to say I am a handsome dude if I do say so myself (and your young ladies aren't bad looking either). She said to tell you she loves the old photo and your art work inside (those sandwiches look yummy to me). Maybe she can sneak me on a plane ride down your way. Say hello to Miss Chloe and Miss Asia for me - some day we will be properly introduced. 
Mr. Darcy

I know jewels loves vintage so that's why I picked the photo of the 2 women for the front of the card. I used a cupcake liner as the background, simply because of the checks!

I did a little rubber stamping with some very old rubber stamps and used photos of all our dogs,
who would of course want to go on a summer picnic with us! 
My envelope was addressed to both Mr. Darcy & Jewels and looked like this:

Off it went in the mail and at the same time, Jewels posted hers to me.
It was such fun to receive in my mail box!

Jewels Welsh

Jewels Welsh

I really love how Jewels manipulated the photo of her dad's garden for the background of her card, the beautiful, "psychedelic" green and pink behind the picnicking woman. ooh la la! It really goes with the song from the 5th Dimension. That reminds me of their song, "up, up and away in my beautiful balloon". I so loved that song! 

Now I am going to go take a look at jewels blog, where I know she has written a similar post.  I did not want to peek . . . wanted to see how similar or differently we wrote afterwards! 
I will come back and link directly to it after I do : ) Here:
It is fabulous! Jewels explains how she did her background.
And we both posted the same song!! : )

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