Monday, June 3, 2013

I'm tumbling!

june 2nd, 2013
It's been about 2 weeks since I started working on a new blog over at tumblr and by George, I think I like it!  It's a little different as far as the navigation, but now that I am getting used to it I must say I really like the simplicity of a tumblr blog. Once you learn your way around, the structure itself makes it very easy to add a photo or two, share a quote, write a post, share a video or a re-post something you love. I give it a big thumbs up! Find out more at tumblr/about or visit my creative lenna tumblr blog and tell me what you think -ask me any questions.

I won't be using this blog much anymore, but will leave it up online for reference. If you visit online (not via a reader) you can use the search box top right to find things. It allows you to easily look for something in particular and get a list of related blog posts I wrote . . . I just searched for ARTchix Studio and quickly got a list related posts. There are many free tutorials and step by step how-to's that I think could be helpful. You can also change the view of this blog to a different presentation that you find easier to read. On the top, on the left, click on Magazine -the current view- and you can choose from other ways to view like Classic, Flipcard and Timeline.

I also did a bit of updating on my teaching site, where I have pdf lessons on Collage Techniques on canvas, mini art quilt book, photo art journal and fabric stamping & painting. There are free tutorials too! I have added my creative lenna supplies amazon store link there so if you need supplies for the lessons or just for your artwork, you can easily find supplies I use & recommend. There always seems to be much work for me to do keeping my various sites updated so I am really glad to have found the Index-card-A-Day project. I've just blogged about it on creative lenna tumblr.

I'll leave you with some other links to find me elsewhere!

photos of artwork, personal life on my flickr photo account 
creative lenna videos on YouTube 
my photo journal blipfoto ~creativelenna my original web site (1995)
2003 - 2011 archive of art and class photos on picturetrail

Thanks for your support, I sure hope you will visit me on my creative lenna tumblr blog!
- Lenna 6/2/2013