Wednesday, April 24, 2013

at home in my studio at last!

Home at last : ) my dear friend Linda Kunsman made this ornament for my husband Steven and I a few homes ago . . . I cannot even remember which one, maybe Deercliff Road? Anyway I love it and have continued to move it with me and give it a new place of honor. Now it is hanging on the armoire in the dining room that holds many of my art supplies.

Today, I have finally unpacked and found a home for all of my supplies in my art studio/office!!! Phew. It is not perfect, but IT IS DONE! I struggled this time with moving into a smaller art room and not having the same "containers" to put things in. It took me six months to unpack and set up, but I have done it and I am so proud and happy.

I took a quick video when I finished today and you can find it here via this link or watch it below if you are reading on my blog. Steven is taking me out to dinner tonight to celebrate, hee hee! I am so looking forward to creating more art. Yes, I have done some, but the last few boxes have been taking up space on my counter and I have not been able to work. It was getting depressing! Now I look forward to trying out the gelli plate I bought a month ago! I hope you enjoy the video with me doing the commentary. I'll be back!

Adventure is worthwhile in itself.
   ~ Amelia Earhart


  1. How exciting Lenna! Looks amazing - a place for everything. Can't wait 'til you are up and running and creating some of your fabulous art again. Do hope you are feeling better and can just rock on and enjoy your wonderful life. hugs donna

  2. Life ebbs and flows, Lenna. You needed some healing time. Thank you so much for the peek at your studio! I loooooove my Gelli plate and prints. I even did a monoprint of Scott on canvas using it! You will have a blast. Wishing you good health and many blessings. xoxo

  3. How nicely organized your studio is Lenna!
    Congrats! Now get in there a make a creative
    mess...u deserve to play after all that set up work!!!
    All the best!

  4. Good job, Lenna! The shelving is terrific. I have not gotten a Gelli plate yet, but it's on the list! I can see why it took some time. I find the sheer amount of supplies can be overwhelming. It takes a lot of thought and organization to accomplish what you have.

  5. Thanks for the tour. I really have to learn how to add a video to m blog. Oh the list never ends. I am so happy to see you finally "moved in". I think we all have to take a break every now and then.
    I took a long break and almost sold everything....then I came to my senses. whew but it was close.

  6. Loved the vid Lenna! And oh my- I had forgotten all about that house I made you-thank you for the mention :) LOVE the armoire full of art supplies and yes, I have ages old embossing powders and supplies too :):)Wait til you open up the gelli plate and play-SO addicting!!

  7. congrats on getting organized in your studio! i know moving sucks! but i sure would love to play with all your goodies! i have been wondering about these gelli plates because everyone that has one seems to really like it, so tx for sharing and inspiring always! aloha, angi in hana, way on the other coast of america!

  8. Just had a giggle here. "Here's some more of my studio... WINE!" :D Wow, your papers are so organised - I should take a hint from that. Mine are all stuffed into an RUB. Not the best idea - especially with the older delicate book pages etc.

    Loved having a nosy round your studio. Thank you for showing us :)



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