Monday, April 8, 2013

A birthday collage

One of the new friends I've met in Florida had a birthday a few weeks ago 
and I was inspired to create a collage for her . . . 

Debbie and I first met during Gratitude Dance on Siesta Key beach in 2011.
Gratitude dance is when we free dance on the beach with or without veils (silk scarves) and invite the public to join us if they wish. They usually are very entranced by the colorful scarves in the wind. It's all about feeling grateful for our many blessings and dancing that gratitude with joy! 
Here is Debby, when we danced together on Christmas day : )

and my friends Cheryl and Kathy with more scarves and dancers in the background

Debbie loves the sand, the beach and water, dancing and she also often uses this image:

These were my inspirations . . . heart, love, friendship
dancing, beach, sand & gratitude

below is my process - and my studio!

my studio is more filled up now but at the time I had found my paints,
my gel medium and my collage materials

1. spread gel medium

2. rip papers and apply to canvas, cover with more gel medium

3. paint a heart and sprinkle beach sand

4. paint rays to resemble image, more sand from siesta key beach

5. find the saved quote -wrapper from small Dove chocolates, a 40-calorie after dinner treat!
(attach with gel medium)

6. Add loose lines with a permanent marker, wrap it up, give it to Debbie at a party she gave . . . have fun dancing the night away!! 

The journey is the destination.
  ~ Dan Eldon

xo lenna


  1. OMG - this is stunning, simply stunning! Thanks for the inspiration!

    Hugs, Gunvor

  2. Such a lovely gift, I'm sure Debbie will treasure it.


  3. Such a beautiful collage you made. I love all the beach sand sprinkled here and there. hugs, Donna

  4. What a lovely collage and precious gift that I'm sure your friend will treasure. I love the addition of the sand! Glad you are back and feeling better.

  5. it's just wonderful to see you making your art again, and what gorgeous art it is too! I'm sure Debbie will be over the moon with such a thoughful and lovely gift! And of course, I love that peek into your studio and all your favourite Lumiere paints.

  6. i love this! tx for sharing and inspiring! i am bringing home beach sand tommorrow! aloha, angi in hana

  7. Dear Lenna your collaged canvas shines with such beauty and energy!! What a very thoughtful gift for your friend. Keep arting and keep dancing my friend. XO



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