Thursday, November 8, 2012

our new neighborhood

We took our first walk around the neighborhood since we moved, today. Our new home is much more in the 'country' with miles of fences to keep animals like horses in.

This neighborhood has a Ranch-like feel, very much . . .

We enjoyed the nice sidewalk, safe off the road . . . me & my sweeties, Asia & Chloe.

What?? This is not a horse! 

This llama came right up to the edge of the fence to meet us. Chloe even growled as we quickly walked past! Chloe was definitely really not sure about this llama, who seemed sweet to me . . although I did not get too close either! 

Another photo of our llama friend is found on my blip journal, here.

Do you see Asia ^ here still staring at the llama? : ) Chloe seems to have gotten over the encounter by now . . . this was a good first walk, about 2 miles, with just one small blister on my heel from wearing sneakers instead of my usual crocs!

Thanks for coming along with us . . . . we are making our way and slowly getting resettled. I am concentrating on the kitchen first, my clothes next, and then my studio!!!!! OH! My actual studio space is too small for my big art table so now it is out on the lanai -a screened porch, very large. It overlooks the water and is so grand! More photos as things come together  : )

Happiness is good health and a bad memory.
  ~ Ingrid Bergman


  1. Oh my god that llama!! I can't wait to see him!!

  2. I am such a bad friend. Got your move notice-meant to respond-in my need to respond pile. I failed. Love the photos you sent-so beautiful!!! I still want to come see you and your Steve and harass, hug and catch up some time. I have traveled to many places-never Florida. Love to you and Steve and the pups. Know I miss you!!

  3. love you and you sweet pups-beware the llamas-they spit and quite far!!!

  4. What a great environment to take the dogs for a walk, lovely and protected from the road. And then there is a llama! Rueben does the same growling, although here it's a cows! I'm sure she will soon get to know llama though and be okay with it. And what a prospect, to art while looking out over the water and being able to see loved ones coming home. It is a beautiful place you've landed in!

  5. Such an incredible neighbourhood! I cannot get over your lanai - I'm sure you will spend a great deal of time enjoying that space. I want the Llama. They can spit at you like a camel, but usually they are so loved by their owners they are almost like pets. Have you checked out their eyelashes!? (Complete envy). xoDonna

  6. Lovely neighborhood! You have reining and barrel racing neighbors behind those gates. Llama is charming. I have to go back and look... Alpaca or llama? Both lovely creatures. And the view from the lanai where you can work is so peaceful. Be blessed in your new home.

  7. Oh yeah... llama. I was on the post a comment page and forgot what the photo looked like. Fun neighbors and entertainment for the dogs... all those wonderful new smells.

  8. Oh my goodness, you are going to have such fun investigating your new neighbourhood - it looks so gorgeous! A llama???!! How wonderful.

    And just look at your new screened outdoor arting area, I know that will be so inspiring for you. As they say in the UK county of Essex, I'm "well jel" (very jealous!!).


  9. Thanks for sharing! It looks like a great place to live, for fourlegged as well as two-legged ones ;)
    Hugs, Gunvor

  10. what a beautiful new home and environment! To have an art space overlooking the water is an absolute dream! I'm sure that in time Chloe and Asia and the llama will become friends, perhaps even taking a bit of a walk along the fence together :)

  11. "the one-l lama he's a priest, the two-l llama he's a beast; and i will bet a silk pyjama there isn't any three-l lllama." ogden nash. watch out for those three-l guys!!!



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