Sunday, November 18, 2012

creative woodworking

Through Lucas Boatworks my husband Steven met Paul Anderson. After discovering a similar interest in woodworking, Steven gave Paul some of the very nice, harvested wood that was my dad's -some cherry and bird's eye maple. There is truly more wood stacked up than Steven can use! Paul is a very prolific and accomplished woodworker; past president of the Florida West Coast Woodworkers Club. He and his wife Lauren asked us to come by their home today and I was truly amazed at Paul's creativity. Visiting their home reminded me of when students would come to my home studio for a class and feel almost overwhelmed by the art I had on display . . . I think it was like that today at Paul and Lauren's because of his stellar craftsmanship and creativity, maybe even more so - but not too much to see. I loved it all!

In their entry . . . in the knot holes are tiny carved squirrels!

The shelves below as well as the bowls were made by Paul
It's the same shelf in the photo above. The dining table peeking through was also made by Paul.
In fact, much of the furniture in their home is hand made by him!

A table Paul made with Lauren's help I believe . .. 

Another shelf Paul made, filled with small bowls and containers he made!

More bowls by Paul - actually a close up of the bottom shelf above . . . 

This is an outdoor ornament Paul made of copper and patina.
He does not stick just to creating only with wood - he also paints (watercolors, acrylics) and builds remarkable life-like miniatures!

Steven holding one of Paul's exquisite small containers

This desk Paul made is one of my favorite pieces because of the color of the wood and 
the beautiful leaf inlay. Behind it is a side table Paul made using some of my father's wood.

Here is a close up of the side table that Paul made using Cherry wood that my father 
harvested from his land in New Hampshire. He would have been proud of Paul's table.

We saw even more before going to Paul's shop. Yes, he made the drawers & counter arrangement! He definitely has given me inspiration to get my studio unpacked and organized!!

I mentioned that Paul also paints. He did this scene on his shop wall (garage door). He told us, 
"See, I have a waterfront view here!" Steven, Paul and Lauren.

Near the end of our fabulous tour (yes, there was even more) Paul said to me, 'Oh, I have something I made for you." He turned and retrieved this wooden plate from the shelf, and handed it to me as he explained to me that he made it from the bird's eye maple Steven gave him, that my dad had harvested & milled in New Hampshire - eventually trucked to Florida. When my dad died last year, Steven inherited many of his tools and a very large pile of beautiful hardwood. 

I must say I felt very emotional at that moment and gave Paul a huge hug. 
* This piece is very special to me *

Paul's signature and date carved in to the back of my wooden plate. He has treated the wood so the plate is safe to use for food and I know I will be using it a LOT. Thank you, Paul. Lauren is also very creative and I will need to go visit again to learn more about her jewelry and mosaics. A most inspiring afternoon and refreshing to meet such creative people who live nearby! 

I am thankful for so many things and people in my life.
Thank you for reading, caring and being here! 

The best portion of a good man's life: his little, nameless, unremembered acts of kindness and of love.  ~ William Wordsworth


  1. Enjoyed your post so much, Lenna. Wooden objects have always been special to me. The plate Paul made you is indeed a treasure. Thanks for the tour. hugs, Donna

  2. Amazing work! And what a special gift he made for you. His work area is so tidy... with all he does, I'm at a loss to know how he keeps it so orderly.

  3. That is definitely a bowl to treasure and I can easily understand why it made you feel emotional. He makes beautiful wood art and seems to be very organized.Something I always admire!

  4. This was a wonderful tour-he is very talented-love the special piece he made for you. He has put your dad's wood to gse! It will certainly be a treasured piece-what a wonderful serving bowl!

  5. What a onderful tour-that is aspecial piece-he has made good use of your dad's wood! Each time you use it will be a good memory!

  6. What a wonderful treasure and what a talented man.
    Thank you for sharing a delightful post !
    Happy Thanksgiving.

  7. Lenna all I can say is WOW - and such a lovely, thoughtful gift for you...thanks for sharing

  8. Oh my-what intricate and gorgeous works Lenna-Oh I cannot wait to show these pics to Bill!!! How wonderful it must feel to know your dad's legacy with wood is still churning by someone with an equal passion for wood. I too am moved by the special plate Paul made for you so I can just imagine what it means to you. XO

  9. WOWZERS!!!! What an incredible visit which much have had you desperate to get creating again! The plate is a beautiful and very thoughtful gift which will always have special meaning for you.


  10. Thank y9ou for the Creative Tour!



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