Monday, October 29, 2012

still here . . .

Even though I am still packing boxes (not done yet) and helping steven hand-carry over a number of odd shaped things, I find myself still here taking some photos. Thus, the new blog header I put together using Photoshop, Picasa and Picnik (through Picasa). Kind of silly, but not really I guess! I still have that an urge to do SOMETHING creative and my studio is completely packed up!!!!!!! This is hard to believe but true. The contents of my desk are the only things in my studio, that have not been packed and will soon be. The printer and scanner are still here, but we will hand carry those over closer to Moving Day. Yesterday Steven moved the studio cabinets over . . .

we are very lucky to have this luxury of moving in a bit at a time.

Chloe investigating the back yard . . . .

This will be a lovely home for us. Thanks for visiting, I'll stop in as I can. One week till we move!
I hope you are safe tonight, thinking of my family & friends in the Northeast. Love, lenna

If I create from the heart, nearly everything works; if from the head, almost nothing.
 ~ Marc Chagall


  1. Good luck with your move! It looks like it is going well, and moving little by little is really a blessing. It must be so weird with your entire art stuff packed up! Do you feel like panicking??? I might!
    It looks fab at your new place, that riverway is soooo amazing!

  2. Take care and good luck with the move.

    Hugs, Gunvor

  3. You must be so excited, Lenna. I can't imagine having my studio unavailable for any length of time, so you have my sympathy in that department. Soon, though Lenna, soon. Can't wait to see your new studio set up. Great photographs. Thanks. xoDonna ps: love the Chagall quote - one of my favorite artists.

  4. This must be so exciting for you (and exhausting!).

    Love the new header :)


  5. It's great that you can move like this in stages and I'm staggered that you managed to pack up your studio already! You're SO organized, that I also wish I could borrow you for awhile to sort mine out! Can't wait to see all your supplies re-appear in the new home!

  6. Oh Lenna, your new place looks fantastic, what a back yard :-) so beautiful.
    I hope you will be all happy there, both of you, -all of you .

  7. I bet you are over the moon excited about your new home! It is a great thing that you can move at your own pace. Makes it much less stressful.I owe you an email.We were w/o power for 5 days because of the hurricane so now I'm playing catch up.



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