Saturday, October 6, 2012

"packing up is hard to do" . . . .

"packing up is hard to do" . . . . just writing that made me think of this song.
Well, I have finally completed emptying my very large 4-drawer metal file cabinet and tossing a lot of stuff out. Then reorganizing all the folders and placing the contents into file boxes for our upcoming move, phew! We will close on a new home at the end of next week and are anticipating moving sometime in early November. I will keep you posted on when we move and I know you will understand if I am not posting here on the blog as much. I do have a personal trade or two that I hope to accomplish soon -- I still need to be creative, even if I am moving!

We now have an empty file cabinet . . .

The next thing for me is to pack up the art you see here -
On the walls and on top of the file cabinet! 

From that empty file cabinet, we now have these 3 boxes plus one more on the floor!
(and a couple of accordion fie folders)

Of course my husband teasingly suggested that I could have just moved the whole file cabinet without going through it!! Yes, he is right, but! I did toss out 2 huge garbage bags full of old unneeded papers and now I can actually go through the files easily and find whatever I'm looking for. Plus I don't want to keep this old metal file cabinet. I guess moving was the impetus I needed to do this tedious job over a number of days. I did take breaks! This afternoon I started working on the template for this blog - creative lenna (if you are reading a feed) and later my creative lenna photos blog. Doing this work is a different way of being creative for me, one that I obviously enjoy doing. If you know me at all, you know I enjoy tweaking these online sites and changing the photos I use for headers & the backgrounds. I am especially happy with the changes I made today that include recent photos I have taken myself. I switched to the "lightbox" method of showing photos, something I have held out on for a while, but I think I like it. Your comments are always welcome.

Another interesting thing about packing and sorting was that I came across a few old newspaper clippings, old emails, old poems (mine & my boys), school reports and drawings. I even found an old invitation we made for my oldest son Decklin's 9th birthday (he is now 31 years old!). These things now have their own special accordion file folder - click for details.

That was really fun and made it all worth it for me.
I hope you all are well and happy and making the most of what you've got! sending love, lenna

The most valuable of the arts is the art of living.
 ~ Cicero


  1. Oh my, Lenna! Such a lot of work...but you will be better organized to begin the next chapter in your new home. Good luck with all.

  2. Isn't it a great feeling to be able to reminisce and at the same time be able to cleanse and reorganize! I know it's out of necessity due to your move but you've inspired me to tackle a file cabinet that should have been reorganized for the last several years.Thanks Lenna!

  3. You're so organised, Lenna, it postively frightens me! And so good about clearing things out, wish I could be so strong willed but hoarder is my middle name. It will make for a great start in your new studio though! And what a treat to find those old documents! I'm sure they will be appearing in your art soon.

  4. Dear Lenna,
    I know I have to do the same some time in the next coming years, and OHHHHHHHHHHHH my studio is filled with masses of fabric and all other kind of materials you can ever think about- from nature, and ,and,and,and
    I hope I will be happy after doing it, like you are now, to be able to moove with what is importent for you...and nothing more!

  5. Like'n your new blog layouts Lenna - nicely done. And yes we all need a good ole purge every now and then!

  6. Thanks very much to all of you for your comments, they are keeping my spirits buoyed. : 00 ) lenna

  7. Good luck with your move, Lenna! I've moved too many times and know what a chore it is. I hope it all goes smoothly for you!

  8. Gosh, I couldn't imagine packing up all my 'stuff'! But I guess I'll have to sooner or later (we plan to 'downsize' once the 'kids' leave home). It always gives me such a fabulous kick when I see my creations on your wall :)

    I really like your new background and header. I want to use my artwork as a background etc but haven't a clue where to start. Once day I'll have to pick your brain and have a go!

    I hope all the packing and move goes ok. The system in the USA goes much quicker in the UK - it seems to be 3 months here and that's if everything goes smoothly, which it never does!


  9. You are off on yet another wonderful adventure, Lenna. Enjoy every moment. That's one thing about moving - we always arrive at our new destination with 'less' - making room for 'more' . ha ha. hugs, Donna

  10. omg!...Good luck with the packing and moving Lenna!...Hope all goes well..I've just sent you an email about our little swap ;)
    Jan x



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