Monday, October 1, 2012

my father, dale andrews

A tribute to my father, Dale Andrews ~ born October 10, 1933, died October 1, 2011.

He was a wonderful man and great father. We were all blessed to be with him.
Even though Steven and I still feel his love and guidance, he is most dearly missed.

I would like to share what my husband Steve wrote in the Bradenton Herald's Online Guest Book after dad's Obituary was posted:

Dale was my mentor. I married his daughter and had no conception of how much other depth that would bring to me. Dale and his wife became close friends with wonderful daily times together. Dale and I set up a boat shop locally in Bradenton and worked on various projects together. For Dale, the boat shop was a way to focus on something else besides his illness. For me, the boat shop was a way to learn skills Dale could teach me. My most cherished memories are the times we just sat and talked. I will miss him every day, but I will also celebrate him every day as I use the tools he taught me to use. ~ Steve Deming, Bradenton, Florida, October 05, 2011

~ here is a direct link to this video tribute. The music that is playing on the video, The Mediterranean Tango, is just the kind of Jazz my parents favored at parties I "helped" with.

thank you for your time with this personal matter for me and giving me the space
to honor my dad one year after his death. with love, lenna

My dad and me at my 1975 High School graduation.
I was a handful in high school, changed schools 3 times.
Dad loved me, supported me and stood by me. xox


  1. A year. A whole year. I can hardly believe it, dear Lenna. Your Dad's passing is a moment frozen in time. How wonderful that his presence is still felt and that he is missed so much every day - what more can any of us hope for? Steven's beautiful message of love says so much about your Dad.

    What a great Dad to stand by his daughter when she was a handful at school (really, YOU a handful at school?!).

    Sending love and a hug,


  2. A beautiful post that honours your Dad so well.

  3. Hi Lenna,

    The tribute your husband wrote is so wonderful. I hope he continues with the boat shop.

    Today is my mom's birthday. She passed away twenty one years ago. Now I'll also think of your father on this day.


  4. So very special. I love the video!
    We are awaiting the birth of our 1st grand daughter, due Oct 1st, maybe we will share in your memory too.
    Take care
    hugs from peggy

  5. I am posting this for our friend Red Sears, who commented via email:

    How quickly the time has slipped away. It was over a year ago that I had the good fortune to have some moments of conversation with Dale Andrews out at Cortez boat area. Did not know it was your father at the time but glad to remember that he was a person of exceptional quality and that you and Steve had the influence of that quality and the ability to transmit it to others. Red

    Thank you, Red -lenna & steve

  6. it is hard to believe it's been a year now. Such loving, beautiful tributes. Love and hugs.

  7. Lenna, glad you feel free to share your grief with us your on-line friends. Dad's are special. Even though your dad is gone, he is with you every your very fiber.
    I'm hoping for that same good fortune, to be so loved by my family and friends and those who I meet by chance, when I am gone from this earth.

  8. I have no words Lenna, only hugs and love sent your way.J

  9. A lovely tribute Lenna and a great picture of you both. I send hugs and good wishes to you. the time has gone was the first anniversary of my Dad's passing last week on 27th September. I did not blog about it and some of my family do not like social networks of any kind and would not be happy with me if I did, but there is a picture of some flowers in my side bar which were from one of the flower displays at the funeral service and shall remain there on my blog as my lasting tribute to my Dad.
    I think that the video is an excellent idea and I echo what has been said here that I would be chuffed if someone loved me that much too.
    Take care

  10. Perhaps I should say that chuffed in the UK means super happy, over the moon, feel very special indeed.
    Sorry I should have explained my self better.




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