Thursday, October 11, 2012

creative play: it's good for you!

I hosted a prayer flag swap recently, see the results here. It turned out to be a really fun swap, more than I anticipated when organizing it. Many of the participants found they so enjoyed working on these easy to make small flags, creating them with prayers, wishes and good thoughts in mind. There was a huge variety of flags which you can see if you follow the link above. A lot of us said, "I think I am addicted to making  these!"  When Jan Smith added a link to her photos on her blog, she wrote: I'm still addicted to making if anyone out there fancies swapping a shabby style prayer flag (1 to 1 swap) I would love to hear from you.....

So guess who wrote back to her? That's right, me! I figured I would need a break from that tedious job of packing, so I went ahead and agreed to a trade. I knew Jan loved "shabby chic", so I took some fabric I had found and plunged in. These flags are small, around 5" x 8" - so it didn't take long and was a treat for me after a morning of squishing things into boxes and going through oodles of packing tape. While packing up some of my fabric I found a really old piece of cotton print that I made something out of 20 or 25 years ago!!! I also purposely chose one of my grandmother's old linen pieces with cherries on it, very small in size -not sure what it was used for, some type of napkin? I also chose a lace doily & trim for a shabby look. If you click on this first photo, you can view them all in the lightbox . . . . I made 2 layers for this flag, one muslin and one the old cotton print and only sewed them together at the top so they could move freely.

I sewed the doily on only via 1 straight line in the middle so it would flop over.
There is my Nonie's 'cherry' linen piece layered under.

I added a quote printed on fabric (found while packing) for my thoughts 
or wishes . . . and some cotton lace across the bottom

I also cut the floral print so it would be fringed

On the back I sewed a business card

Here it is -Voila! 

I sent this to Jan today . . . it is traveling to the UK so it will take a week or two if we are lucky and she is sending one to me today as well, what fun! My received prayer flags are shown via the link - wow, so many of them! Everyone was so generous and I received many flags as gifts. They stayed up outside for about 2 weeks and are now packed in a box to be brought to our new home.

New home? Yes, our closing is tomorrow morning!!!!!!!! We will move in about 3 weeks to a home on a canal right off the Braden River, and we have decided to rent our current home. I have Nia White Belt Training starting on Saturday that runs long days for a full week. We (mostly Steven!) have some things to do in the new home like painting the kitchen (cabinets too) and all the windows being replaced with Hurricane ones . . . Steven and I have an anniversary (together 8 years) coming up October 25th we'll be celebrating in Casey Key with our boat Chelsea in tow. I still have lots of packing to do here. I really have only just begun! So, that is my story, what about you? I cannot promise to answer but I would so love to hear from you. 

Hope all is well with you & yours. 
xo lenna  


  1. HOw funny Lenna - I to am swapping with Jan - she is going to have quite a collection. Love yours....J

  2. This is just lovely, Lenna! Including the bits of your grandmother's linen makes it even more dear.

  3. What a beautiful flag Lenna! It's always a nice treat to take an art break from the necessities isn't it? I wish you all the best with your move and your NIA training. Hugs!

  4. Your prayer flag is beautiful, Lenna. I adore things with special bits of history in them. Congrats for tomorrow. You will have to celebrate! Thinking of you with all that packing - however the end result will be spectacular. Can't wait to see you in your new home. hugs, Donna

  5. A very personal and lovely flag, Lenna and I bet you were happy to do some arting in among all the packing. This is such an eventful month for you and I wish you all the best with it all. Thinking of you and watching all the activity from afar!

  6. Oh Lenna, I just couldn't resist taking a sneaky peek at what you created for me...and I LOVE LOVE LOVE everything about it!! Fabulous shabby fabrics, lace and doily..(Soooo me!!) ...and how sweet of you to use a piece of your Grandmother's 'cherry' linen, that makes it even more special!!... wonderful quote too!...Can't wait to receive it now and hang it with the rest of my collection :)!! Thanks again for swapping with me! Hugs! Jan x

  7. Love this prayer flag. Really inspires me to try one.
    Fall is here in New England: the trees are ablaze...a brief moment to be captured. My favorite time of the year. All the Best to you as you enter a new chapter of your life.

  8. Dear Lenna,
    your prayer flag is so beautiful, I so love that style, too, and love you used pieces from your family, and from your own old stach.
    I hope your packing will soon be over ,and that you can also soon enjoy unpacking in your new home at the water.
    Here it is autumn ,and we had the first morning with icefrost on the lawn...I try to create for christmas, and awaits my little family sunday, to spend a week here :-)
    I wish you happy weeks to come, dear Lenna.

  9. What a precious flag for Jan - and guess what, I'm doing a 1:1 Prayer Flag swap with her too!! We're going to meet up and swap in person, while enjoying a chat over a cup of coffee. Shame you and I can't do that Lenna :(

    Your life is very busy right now! Best of luck with all the packing prior to your house move, how exciting :)


  10. i just came over from flag is gorgeous, made even more special with the beautiful doilys and linen you



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