Saturday, September 1, 2012

some photos . . .

sunset cruise on the St Lawrence River while visiting wolfe island, Ontario
Please excuse my absence here on my blog, it seems I am still getting caught up after being away for 3 weeks. I have just uploaded a few of my favorite photos from our lovely time on Wolfe island and you can find them all here on my creative lenna photo blog. I have not forgotten you and even have artwork that I did while there to share with you . . . Promise to be back before long!! xo lenna


  1. The island looks beautiful in your pictures!

  2. what beautiful photos Lenna! Welcome home! I sure hope you found Isaac was kind to you. I think my fave photo -no-I know- is the one of Chloe taking in the air-if that isn't the look of bliss on her face...

  3. Welcome home, Lenna - looks like you had an incredible trip! xoDonna



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