Tuesday, September 4, 2012

some art on the island

Here is a bit of some of the art I did while visiting wolfe island . . . a close up of a painting:

The entire painting - you can see it when it's half finished here

I brought the Creative Breakout DVD with me and watched it once again for inspiration. Thanks to my instructor Bill Buchman for all he taught me. I am so glad I got a couple of his DVDs! below is a warm up exercise using his Zen Reed Pens. Just plain fun!

we have fond memories of this trip, even though near the end we wanted to go home and we left a few days early! The long drive (3 days) was tiring too but I still smile at things like Steven and me snuggled on the deck of the cottage to watch the sunset . . . 

That is Tina and my son Decklin over my shoulder. A few days after they left the island, they called with wonderful news. They are engaged to be married! Their date is in October, 2013.

I have more art I did to share with you, so look for more posted here sometime soon. In the meantime I have added some photos of our sweet dogs enjoying island life to my photo blog and I am busily adding lovely, beautiful, thoughtful prayer flags to my swaps blog! I hope you have time to check them out. Take care and I will see you again before long. Oh! i have changed my blog format once again. See what you think! The photo blog remains a "dynamic view" but this main blog is back to the original type of template. Hope it works for you!


  1. Thank you so much for going back to the old blog format!

  2. Great art Leena - looks like so much fun. Especially love the the first one. Looks like the sea gone wild in technicolor. Your blogs look great. I'm going to have to tackle mine which I find a little intimidating because I had the sizes customized and I don't really have a clue what I'm doing! So wish me luck. Love your banner today. Take care. Nice to have you back. hugs, Donna

  3. I'm sure the art will remind you of those wonderful times on the island and all those precious moments. I love what you're making after looking at Bill's videos. I am forcing myself not to get stuck in as Ireally must concentrate on my journal quilts at the moment.

  4. Welcome back! I really love your creative breakout art!! What a nice pic of you and Steve enjoying your vacation, and congrats on Decklin and Tina's engagement. Off to check out prayer flags...
    PS I like this template much better

  5. Hello dear Lenna,
    What a wonderful place to make vacation and then with family, too :-)
    Your paintings are great, and looks like so much positive energy from you.
    Congratulations on the grandma to be .



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