Monday, September 24, 2012

prayer flag swap complete and hanging up!

Wow, this was quite a swap! It was more popular than I expected, with 40 participants registering and 36 completing the swap. Congratulations to the participants!

The flags were sent to me to be exchanged/ swapped and then returned home. View all of the flags that were created for this swap on my creative swaps blog. A visit to the blog is recommended for inspiration factor alone! Beautiful artist prayer flags arrived in my mailbox from Scotland, Great Britain, Germany, Norway, Canada and many of the states across the USA -so much fun!

As part of this exchange I wanted to share photos of my swapped flags hanging up and then invite the participants to do the same. I'm adding a "link list" to the creative swaps blog so everyone can add a link themselves to a specific blog post or photo that shares the flags they received, hanging up. I'll add this to the "link list" on creative swaps as soon as I finishing sharing my photos with you!

As the swap hostess I was unexpectedly gifted with many gorgeous prayer flags, 23 of them to be exact! I also participated in this swap. I made 3 to swap but I also made 3 extras to hang with my received swaps, for a total of 26 flags hanging! Details of the flags I created are shown in my September 17th post if you'd like to see.

I started by dividing my prayer flags in three fairly equal piles, trying to coordinate them. The Super-Tech spool on the counter is the fishing line I decided to use to hang them. Click for details!

I strung each pile on fishing line with a big plastic yarn needle and then laid them out on the floor to see what they looked like. I ended up with 3 groups of flags strung together. I'm thinking I may choose a rope, ribbon or something different next time to string them on, as the flags slide a bit on the fishing line.

My original plan was to hang them over our patio tied to the tiny little lights we have hanging there, but my husband and I unexpectedly put an offer on a home last week (click to view) and it was accepted!!! Amazing. It is perfect for us. The home is on a canal, only a 5 minute paddle from Lucas Boatworks where Steven goes every day. Since we will be moving soon, I went for this easier to reach location, but they still look beautiful! I have already been thinking of where to put them in our new home : )

I love how they catch the breeze and spread their prayers and wishes . . . 

Thank you to all my creative and generous participants! 
Visit creative swaps to see and read more about these wonderful artists.

There are things that we don't want to happen but have to accept, things we don't want to know but have to learn, and people we can't live without but have to let go.
 - Author Unknown


  1. What an incredible display, and how wonderful will it be to put them all up together in your new home. I hope you will share that tt with us in the future"

  2. They look beautiful, Lenna!! That's great that you got so many! I love mine! Will post soon.

  3. Oh Lenna your prayer flag collection is gorgeous!!! I love seeing them hanging so beautifully like a garland!! And WHAT??? did you really say you're MOVING??? AGAIN???? Good luck with the move -of course you'll need to send me your new addy :)

  4. Beautiful display of Prayer Flags and all they represent Lenna. Your Dad's stands on it's own and warms my heart o see you enjoy it with all the other lovelies. This was a absolutely wonderful swap, one of my all time favorites. Good luck on your move as I know it is lots of work. I will try and post mine tomorrow. Hugs, love and blessings, Marilou xoxo PS I love the Flags you sent to me, thank you.

  5. Absolutely gorgeous Lenna! Wow, it is so wonderful you can look at this with joy every day, and how wonderful to take to your new home! Thanks for an amazing swap!

  6. wow, what an amazing swap. so much beauty.

  7. Wow!!...don't your gorgeous collection of prayer flags look fabulous all together Lenna... can't wait to receive mine now!... Good luck with your move! Jan x

  8. Wonderful to see your swap flags all hanging. Such a wonderfully beautiful effort by all involved. A home on the canal, how perfect for both of you. I know we will hear more as you 'move' through the process. xoDonna

  9. Congratulations on your new home, dear Lenna.
    And what a collection of wonderful flags, -I so love the idea of prayers send with those flags.
    May they give you a wonderful life when mooved :-)
    Hugs from Dorthe

  10. Seriously wonderful! And congrats on the new home. Best to you with the move. Sounds like a great location for the Boatworks.

  11. Pretty rad collection of flags Lenna LOL. They all look fab - and are waiting for a permanent place in your new home. J

  12. They look just GORGEOUS all together, each and every flag made with love for you :)

    They are all wonderful but the one with your Dad's picture is particularly special and will, I think, help make your new house a home.


  13. Wow! Those are a lot of wonderful prayers! Each one is just fabulous!
    They will bless your new home!
    Thank you again for offering this blessed opportunity to join in with such fine swap participants in such a positive experience.

  14. These prayer flags are all so beautiful and unique. It must have been a delight opening every single parcel when they arrived. I can imagine oooing and ahhing at every single one!
    What a very special swap!
    Teresa in California



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