Sunday, July 8, 2012

stamp carving 101

I am taking a stamp carving class with Julie Balzer that I highly recommend, Stamp Carving 101. It is an online workshop taught on a private class blog with videos. I finally made time to do Lesson 6 and even though it was challenging, it was successful! we learned how to transfer and carve a Damask design that Julie provided us with.... this is my finished test sheet!
It started like this . . . 

After testing, I made two tags, one for me and one for my friend Linda Kunsman who encouraged me to take this workshop with her. That was a fabulous idea because doing this with her has spurred me on! When we finish all 10 lessons, we will send each other a tag book with one tag from each lesson! 
 click for more details/larger photo -this tag below I made for me! 
 Then as Julie suggested, I used the scrap pieces from trimming this stamp and made some bonus stamps. Mine were all patterning stamps -love it!

Thanks for checking in - I enjoy your visits!

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  1. Really nice stamps! Julie's work is so free form, and yours is too!!!

  2. Beautiful stamps, the Damask design one is stunning - it looks wonderful on the tags.

    You really look like you've enjoyed this class.


  3. Beautifully done, dear Lenna, your stamp is so wonderful, and the tags you made great.

  4. Wow! The stamp turned out great and the tags are lovely. I would love to try stamp carving. It's on my long list of new things to learn.

  5. This is such an intricate stamp, Lenna. It must have taking quite some time to carve but it was well worth the effort. Love what you've done with it on the tags.

  6. Great carving Lenna! Love the soft colors you chose for the tags. Now you're well prpared for the alphabet set :)

  7. Amazing Lenna. Julie is fantastic. this is really inspiring me to try something.

  8. I love carving stamps of my own design. Sometimes I find big erasers and carve it. So fulfilling! Patsy from
    HeARTworks and



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