Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Mail Art!!

Oh what an absolute delight to go to my mailbox and pull out this gorgeous envelope
from Sue Emmerson in NSW, Australia!

Inside I found a lovely note, 2 postcards and a page suitable for collage with lots of ships. This is so very appropriate for me with my boat loving husband.
Thanks so very much, Sue! Her enclosed note mentioned she had read an earlier post on mail art where I mentioned that my mailbox had been a little more quiet lately, probably because I had not been sending as much mail out. It is so sweet for Sue to jump right in and send me such special mail!! I really appreciate it. Earlier this month I also received mail art from Linda Kunsman. I made a little photo collage of everything Linda sent me and will insert it below. So fun! 

I think she heard my wishes as well. : ) This was stamped on the back:

You can see the card she made and she also enclosed a library card and holder.
* Thanks, Linda! * Thanks, Sue! *

Only passions, great passions, can elevate the soul to great things.
  ~ Denis Diderot


  1. Dear Lenna, yes it is endeed a wonderful day ,when the post was there with something great from a friend- like all you recieved here-
    The envelope and card are both so wonderful.

  2. A long time between comments Lenna, but I'm really burning more than my fair share of candles at both ends. It isn't that I'm not following (and like seeing MAIL ART), just not enough hours in the day sometimes...

  3. So glad you're enjoying some mail art Ms Lenna-and I'm sure there'll be lots more coming your way with your prayer flag swap happening! I just got more fabrics and laces as I so wanted some of the gorgeous batik ones JoAnne's had on sale this week-I also plan on making a 5 pc hanging for our dear friends who have been hosting me at their beach house pretty regularly this year. They just had some major renovations done and it is breathtaking. I want to send special wishes.

  4. Beautiful Mail Art to receive, your wishes were heard indeed :)



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