Friday, July 13, 2012

friday is art journal day!

Soft pastels, acrylic paint, one of my hand carved stamps (thanks, Julie!) and a positive affirmation (thanks, Jo!) gave me this art journal spread you see below.
* * * 
 I started here . . . click for details!
then smudged the soft pastels a bit . . .
Next, I spread some pink acrylic paint on the other side with my finger . . .

 Then I sprayed a bit of ink on the pages (it is still on my work table and i can't help it!)
a little more ink (dylusions -pure sunshine) as well as more soft pastels, yellow.
I put one of my business cards in the tea bag pocket.
I added the affirmation, writing with a soft pastel, spraying to set it afterwards.
 I added marks with a gold oil pastel . . . The tea bag tags say "Live in your strength" and "Always be pure, simple and honest". I made ice tea with this Green tea and had to save the packaging!

I added part of a multi-colored pen shell . . . and signed the page.

If the winds of fortune are temporarily blowing against you, remember that you can harness them and make them carry you toward your definite purpose, through the use of your imagination. 
  ~ Napolean Hill 

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  1. Another beautiful spread in your journal, Lenna. And I must give that tea a try although not in an iced form! It's cold enough here already.It's a great quote too and one that I will try to take to heart. Forgiveness is not my strongest virtue!

  2. Wonderful colours Lenna - on one of the pages the pink looked very "feathery" - great effect....hugs. J

  3. REALLY beautiful pages, Lenna. Gorgeous blended colours and superb sentiment. It's so special to have used your hand carved stamp too, it looks great.


  4. Dear Lenna,
    OH your coulors are the most stunning, and love the stamp, of yours, and the sentiments -as well as the use of the tea bags- Beautiful.

  5. Thanks for sharing your page as it developed! It's wonderful!

  6. So lovely! I like the little tea pocket. :)

  7. Another colorful spread with a beautiful affirmation Lenna! What a really happy, inspirational book this continues to be .



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