Monday, July 2, 2012

An exchange with Frieda

It is always nice to exchange art with friends, but especially lovely when exchanging with someone you have gotten to know over time and whose art you admire so much! This wonderful envelope from Frieda Oxenham landed in my mailbox late last week. We are doing a very loose exchange of art without any set themes - or rules about what to make - and we have up to 3 months to respond when something is sent. Frieda and I both used to be in a monthly ATC swap together called Color Groupies. That exchange is over now and so this is helping to fill that void.
I love all the postage stamps and the rubber stamping Frieda did on the envelope. I have not gotten a lot of mail like this lately, so opening my mailbox and finding this envelope was a real treat for me and a definite mood lifter! Thank YOU, Frieda!! Hmmm, perhaps I should be sending more mail art out - if I want to receive more? Inside the yummy envelope was a photo card produced by a fellow blipfoto journaler whom we both subscribe to. What a treat!
Inside the card was a handwritten letter, which I especially cherish in this day and age and a wonderful fabric ATC, hand stitched and beaded by Frieda. What a cutie pie she is -then & now!
Frieda has written about how she made this ATC on her blog. Hand made felt is her base!
You may remember I sent Frieda an ATC and mail art envelope in May, at the start of our exchange. I wrote about what I made here, and below is a quick photo of my envelope and ATC.

Now I will have to think about what I will make next for Frieda. Another ATC? I miss making them on a monthly basis, so perhaps yes! I could respond in July or I might wait and create something in August when we are traveling to and visiting Wolfe Island, Ontario. The cottage is directly in front of the St Lawrence River and is such a lovely spot for art making . . .  

Again, thank you Frieda. Your mail and art was just what I needed.  I am also quite honored that you squeezed this exchange in among all your other art and quilt work! xox 
Make sure to visit Frieda's blog and blipfoto, amazing.

Life is mostly froth and bubble, two things stand above: Kindness in another's trouble, and courage in one's own.  ~ Diana, Princess of Wales


  1. I'm so happy it has all arrived safely with you Lenna and we've started our exchange which will hopefully continue for a long time to come with no pressure on either side, simply an enjoying of swapping our art in whatever form across the Atlantic Ocean. And great you've pictured my envelope, I had forgotten to scan it before mailing it off. I had great fun too with our local postmaster selecting stamps to go with it! So he produced part of the art too.

  2. what a lovely exchange between you and Frieda Lenna. Love the envelope art (matter of fact I have a stamp with that same sentiment!)and of course, Frieda's fabric work is always so special. What a great way for you to exchange with no pressure. It's been quite awhile since I've made any ATCs also...hmmm....

  3. What a treat! Frieda's envelope is a ray of happiness and the contents are gorgeous. The ATC is so so cute :o)


  4. I just love both of them, yours and Frieda's. I can't wait to get my energy back - you are having such fun. I am happy to be painting again though. Take care. xo Donna

  5. Such a wonderful mail,dear Lenna.
    Love the envelope filled with stamps, and the beautiful card made for you.
    I wish you a happy 4th of July, also my friend.

  6. You are both such amazing artists! Frieda's work is incredible, I am so glad you are both enjoying each others art and friendship to the max!



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