Sunday, July 22, 2012

by the sea chunky ATC

I had never heard of a "chunky" ATC before until I read about it on Lisa Busch's Collage Stuff Blog -go there to check out just one of her beautiful samples. Lisa owns a business called "Collage Stuff" where she sells wonderful collage stuff!  I often find just what I might need for a project and also, collage items that inspire me to start something new! And Lisa runs super art swaps through her yahoo group - check that out too! I learned from her that a chunky ATC is a variation on a trading card made on a wood block, 2.5" x 3.5" x 3/4" wide. This was a one-for-one swap, sending directly to the person Lisa signed you up with. Here is what I came up with -a bit of my creating process. First some gathering . . . I have collected lots of lovely shells living in Florida!
 I did not have to, but decided I wanted to paint my block white. I got my blank chunky wood ATC from Collage stuff - follow this link and scroll down a bitThey are high quality pre-sanded blocks.
I used Goop glue (E6000) to secure the various shells.
The little gold sequin stars I got from Collage Stuff, the pearls were a broken bracelet.
The dictionary page came as a gift from Lisa with my last order -perfect!
Now my chunky ATC has shell "feet"!
For the back, I wanted a business card that had a copy of "Shell art" already on it.
(ATCs I created for another swap)
But Lisa wanted the back arted up too, so I stamped various images on white tissue paper using permanent ink. When adhered to the block with matte medium under and over, the tissue paper melts away. Only the image remains!
From the side . . . 

From the top!

The front, from the top. The crinkly wire wrapped around is from collage Stuff.

That was sure fun to do! Thanks, Lisa for the inspiration and organization.
My chunky ATC is in the mail as of yesterday, swimming it's way to Andrea in Texas. I have already received a beautiful chunky ATC from Gloria - what a great swap!

Be not afraid of growing slowly, be afraid only of standing still.
  ~ Chinese proverb


  1. Love this! The little shell feet to give it stability are a great touch.

  2. Chunky ATC's are a new one on me too. Wow! it is gorgeous. What beautiful shells you have out there in Florida. I love the way you have used shells for feet and I will have to try that tissue and matte medium technique that's a great idea. Thanks for shareing.

    1. you are welcome, thanks for your comments!

  3. I hadn't come across chunky ATCs before. And this one is a real treat and so representive of your new life in Florida. Love the shell feet, a great addition!

  4. Well, that's pretty cool. Looks very beachy, like something you could buy in an up-scale shop as memento of your vacation. Love the pink shell. Maybe you need to run a swap for these...

  5. Your Chunky ATC is so YOU, I LOVE it! The shell 'feet' are cute :)

    I'm sure Andrea will adore it.


  6. Wonderful Lenna - where did you get your block from (should I head over to Michaels or Lowes LOL). Its amazing what folks come up with.....Good News, Prayer Flags got started last night so hope to get in the post well in time :). Cheers and have a good week.J

    1. Jewels, I should have said . . . Lisa sells them at Collage stuff. they are nice high quality, pre-sanded blocks. I supposed you could make your own, but these were all ready to go!
      Glad to hear about your prayer flags . .. . I am itching to make more myself. xox

  7. Oh Lenna, this is SO awesome! Your partner will be thrilled with it I'm sure! I need some of these blocks! lol

  8. I love your beachy chunky ATC Lenna!!!(as you knew I would:)I haven't made one in ages but you certainly have me inspired to make a summery, beachy one too.I've got tons of pretty shells-many from Fl. as I got them from a friend who used to collect and buy them when she visited Fl. Love Collage Stuff-Lisa really does have so many great things at great prices too. It's where I got all my Dylusions products along with some Balzer Designs stencils. Once summmer's over I'll have to remember to check out her swaps.

  9. Sweet shell feet, love this little life is a beach piece. xox

  10. Such a lovely beach chunky ATC dear Lernna,- and so fun to make the atc chunky I love that.
    Hugs to you, dear.



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