Sunday, July 1, 2012

art journal progress

Slow but steady, every week, I make sure I get something added to my personal art journal -mostly because I can play along with Art Journal Every Day. I would probably work in my journal on my own, but Julie Balzer's posts and a chance to share definitely keep me on track. This week I tried painting my pages with white gesso and then spraying the page with various inks on top of the gesso while it was still wet.
I did not plan this idea out in advance, but instead started my work in my art journal by deciding it might be fun to work with gesso as a base this time. After painting it on both pages I thought, what if I did not let the gesso dry before doing something else? To let it dry was my original thought. Grabbing a new Ranger dylusions ink spray (pure sunshine) and also a Adirondack Color Wash (Denim) I started spraying on top of the wet gesso. 
Then, I sprayed more plain water on top of the ink to see what would happen.
I liked the effect! Next I sprayed with the Denim ink . . . 
I sprayed on both sides of the spread with more plain water sprayed on top.
I also used the brush I had applied the gesso with to blend the ink and gesso in places.
There was a bit of Lumiere (Halo blue green) on the edge of the left page, which was carried over from the previous spread. I liked it though! This prompted me to add more of that paint to the edge of the page and a bit diagonally across the middle. 
 I used my heat gun to dry the gesso and ink, but not too close.
I love some of the patterns that were made through my experimenting!
This looked almost like a beach scene to me - I see sunshine, sand, waves. 

I had chosen my affirmation from my list before I started and thought this time I would hand write this on the page with a thin tipped Micron marker. I have been including a positive affirmation on every page spread in this art journal using a variety of ways to do it: Rubber stamped, computer generated and printed on paper or a transparency sheet, handwritten, magazine letters, painted . . . it is fun to choose them and gives me a bit of a theme.
The collage image I chose is one of many beautiful ones on a sheet called Art Time Pieces from my favorite, ARTchix Studio. I purchased mine as a downloadable image sheet, which worked great and was very fast to receive after ordering.

Perfectionism is the voice of the oppressor, the enemy of the people.
It will keep you cramped and insane your whole life.
  ~ Anne Lamott


  1. Hi Lenna,

    I love this page! Your experimentation came out looking great. I love your handwriting and the sentiment. The star at the beginning is perfect!

    I'm catching up on my blog hopping this fine (but hot) Sunday afternoon.


  2. Lenna, what fun! I love how you explore technique, and fearlessly so. This one turned out so well - it has an organic feel to it: landscape, water, sky.... well done! -Kim

  3. This background is gorgeous!!!

  4. Thank you ALL! Appreciate your comments very much!

  5. This is BEAUTIFUL, Lenna! I totally see sun, sea and waves - which is SO appropriate for you :o) The simplicity of the affirmation and the eye image are perfect.



  6. I have just recently been looking at examples of journal pages online created with Ranger Dylusions Ink sprays and was thinking of giving them a try. After seeing the lovely effects you have achieved I think I will definately have to give them a go.

  7. Another gorgeous spread in your journal. Love to see how you developed it and must check out that collage sheet! Thanks as ever for sharing your art process with us.

  8. Very nice - thanks for sharing your process. I love that you are adding affirmations to the pages of your journal!

  9. what's not to love about this Lenna-great affirmations, love the Dylusion spray inks, and this is SO reminiscent of a moving ocean- be still my heart!

  10. Wow Lenna I really love the effects you got by experimenting and it looks awesome.



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