Sunday, June 17, 2012

A well of love resides within me

I am really enjoying the positive affirmations my friend Joanna gave me. She created a fantastic project with them as part of the design team for Gauche Alchemy. She calls them Affirmation cards. Read all about them via that link!

I did not plan to use my personal art journal for affirmations when I started working in it but once I used the very first one: I appreciate all that I am and all that I have - well, I just kept wanting to use an affirmation on each spread. And so, I have. I will probably write some of my own affirmations in the future, but for now each time I work in my journal I pluck one from the list! This time instead of typing, stamping or writing by hand, I went on a hunt through an old magazine for just the right letters and words, like a "ransom" note . . .

This journal page started with soft pastels over receipts and photos
from our anniversary trip . . . click for details.
The receipts are from breakfast at Panera Bread in Vero Beach
and getting gas in Okeechobee, FL. The Welcome! is the front of a room key card holder.
 The Ocean Mist paper is the wrapper from the soap
in our Hotel room at Vero beach! I had to save it and then use it!!
I used a soft fluffy brush to smooth out the pastels.
I added various spray dyes & inks . . .

I decided to use the room key card holder. Notice the card sticking out of it?
The card is a leftover bit from another painting project of mine.

I am loving this, and it is mine all mine!
Sometime soon I will start my Sketchbook Project 2013.
It is due in January. I really enjoy participating and sending my journal off.
Not to be seen again by me, but by many others instead when it is on tour.
There is something special though, about creating this book for myself.

Thank you to Julie Fei-Fan Balzer for getting me to show up in my journal every week!
Art Journal Every Day
What lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us.
  ~ Oliver Wendell Holmes

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  1. Oh Lenna, ignore my e-mail about comments on your blog. This time when I came back to your page, I found the comment section. Honest, it was missing on my two previous visits! Anyway, I've enjoyed both of your recent posts.

    1. Nancy, so glad you found the comment section! I admit, it can be a little trickier to find in this format. I will leave feedback to Blogger about that. You definitely need to click on "View Comments" or "Add a Comment" . . . then SCROLL DOWN the page or you will most likely not see the comment, especially if it is a long post. thanks for your perseverance - great to hear from you!

  2. Hi Lenna. I love the idea of the soft pastels and spraying over the receipts, etc. on your journal page. It really turned out beautiful. I thinK I will try this in my journal. Thanks for sharing this, and Happy belated anniversary to you and your husband. Linda E.

  3. I loved the spread on your blip and it's wonderful to be able to see the progress as you were making it!

  4. This is so beautiful, Lenna! When you look back at these pages it will bring back such happy memories of your anniversary adventure :o)

    Sweet affirmation for this page too,


  5. This is really awesome Lenna! I love how you used the receipt and other pieces you collected on your trip! I'm doing the Sketchbook Project again too, need to zero in on a theme! lol



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