Sunday, June 24, 2012

my first prayer flag

Prayer Flags. Have you ever made one? 
Traditional Tibetan prayer flags are usually squares or rectangles of brightly colored fabric, often woodblock printed. Buddhist prayers, mantras and symbols are displayed on them. These flags are hung in multiples on a line, and often in a distinct color sequence. It is believed that by meditating on the prayer, wish, or hope that is used while making the flag - and then by hanging it, the wind will carry the prayer far and wide and bless all the wind touches.

Recently, I became interested in the newer mixed-media/fiber/fabric version of the traditional prayer flag and did a search online . . . I discovered that the magazine Cloth Paper Scissors had done a cover story about Prayer Flags in their March/April 2012 issue-maybe you have this issue? I don't, but was still able to learn more about prayer flags via an online how-to article by Cate Prato on the CPS site. Read it too, by clicking on her name! 

After reading this I decided prayer flags would make a wonderful swap, so watch my creative swaps site for an announcement soon. For this swap, I am organizing a 3 for 3 swap (make 3, receive 3) so it won't be too many to make. Swaps will not be due until the middle of September - plenty of time for you to make your prayer flags. There will be a registration fee to join the swap that will include return postage and handling, documentation of your flags on creative swaps, plus a short lesson on how to make them, by me! My idea is that you'll make some flags to swap and also a few more for yourself, so you'll have a nice bunch to hang when the swap is complete and be inspired by other talented artists. What do you think?
Above, the back of my "balance" prayer flag

I am looking forward to this! 

Keep away from people who belittle your ambitions. Small people do that but the really great people make you feel that you too, can become great.
  ~ Mark Twain

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  1. What an absolutely cool idea Lenna - I'll sign up for sure! J

    1. oh, I am so glad to hear that Jewels!! xoxox

  2. I somehow feel I might be tempted into that one!! Love what you've come up with and I'm also very taken with the quotation for the day!

    1. thank you, Frieda! I'm glad you like the quote and I would be honored if you could join! I am ironing out the details and writing a how-to!

  3. I have the same bug, this Prayer Flag Project has been intriguing me. I am working on one now. xox

  4. Gorgeous, Lenna. The colours are magnificent. ... and I love the word balance - so important to me. We just did a Prayer Flag swap in Book of Days. I adore them. hugs, Donna

  5. Beautiful prayer flag Lenna-that watercolor-like fabric is gorgeous!! Keep me posted on a swap-I'd love to participate if the timing is right-summer is always such a busy time for me.



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