Wednesday, June 6, 2012

More lesson 4 - then some more on me!

I am taking a stamp carving class with Julie Balzer and originally wrote about what I did in lesson 4 here, in case you missed it. This particular lesson is about creating a series or set of stamps to use together. At the beginning of the video Julie showed us a banner shaped set she made with a cute little flat top, but then she went on to make a chevron set with a pointed top for the actual lesson. I really liked the banner shape and decided to make my first set that way. While I love this cute set of stamps I made . . .
. . . I just could not get that chevron shaped set out of my head! In fact, I found I couldn't move forward to lesson 5 until I made a set with a pointed top that could link together nicely. My "test" sheet is at the top of this post and you can see how I took my "flower" stamp and kind of linked it all together on the left. I am going through the lessons and carving my stamps pretty quickly (impatient to see my carved stamps!) so I figured more practice would be good for me. Below is my process of my second try with lesson 4:

Getting the shapes cut evenly is hard for me
All carved! My stamps are messy but okay.
Practice makes perfect!
A tag for me on the left and one for my friend, Linda K on the right.
Gosh, you must go visit her blog (link above!). Her chevron stamps are so, so cool!
plus she writes about how we talked with each other on the phone : )

For these tags I spritzed them all with water first to see what would happen when I stamped them with wet, dye ink. Just a little experiment for part 2 of lesson 4. I promise now to go on to lesson 5! Below are my banner stamps (L) in comparison with my chevron set (R):

And here are ALL the stamps I have carved so far in Julie's class:
Stamp carving 101 (click to leaarn more!)

This class has been totally enjoyable for me so far and I love having something to work on and learn/practice. I also find that doing the class at the same time as my friend Linda has really helped keep me on track. I love making tags for both of us after each lesson. What fun that will be to send & receive when the class is completed for us. And we got to speak on the phone together! I believe I have 5 more lessons to do. 

Besides carving stamps I played a little bit with watercolor blocks (like crayons) and soft pastels the other day and made a colorful piece on watercolor paper. I don't know what I will do with it yet but it was great to play in the spirit of the class I took with Bill Buchman. Here's a look:

I continue to take many photographs, most every day and try to upload one per day to my blipfoto journal
I have been able to return to dancing at Nia and Conscious movement . . . I am still going to physical therapy twice a week for my frozen shoulder but have improved by leaps and bounds! There are just a few rotating kind of movements that are not there for me yet, but I a happy to be able to dance again and do most things. My mom is doing well and Steven and I will visit with her tonight. Steven has made over 20 paddles now and he has been selling some. ; ) I am working on a 3-part video of his paddle painting process (editing now) and will share it soon. 
Our wedding anniversary is Monday and we are going to drive to the other coast of Florida, watch the sun rise over the beach on the east coast of FL, drive back home and watch the sun set over the beach on the west coast of FL, all on the same day - June 11, our 7th wedding anniversary! I do not think there are too many places you can do that . . . this is Steve's idea and since it is only a 3 and a half hour drive - so I said, why not? I am sure it will be memorable. 

Hope you are well, take care till next time. Any questions or problems with the new blog layout - template I am using, please contact me. If you are on the blog & click on comments, you may have to scroll down to see the comment box!

Nature gives you the face you have at twenty, it is up to you to merit the face you have at fifty.
  ~ Coco Chanel


  1. Your chevrons are wonderful Lenna!(tee-hee, I practiced a big flower-like image with 2 of my chevrons and even first used a blue ink like yours-at least it looks like blue here).And what fun and funky tags-thank you! Your vibrant page is fabulous-I hope you'l share how you finish it-this in itself would make a great background print. Glad you're able to get back to Nia dancing. What a skill to be able to carve such beautiful paddles as Steve makes-I bet they'll all sell in no time! And lastly, happy,happy anniversary you guys-what a really wonderful idea to see the sun rise and set on two different coasts-don't forget to take some bubbly and glasses :):) Enjoy!

  2. It certainly looks like you were having fun with those stamps and after that had a wonderful time dancing and enjoying that anniversary. What a wonderful day.

  3. I like your stamps! I'm getting very tempted to take that class!!!

    What kind of watercolor blocks are you using? How do they compare to other watercolor crayon-type things? I like the Caran d'Ache Neocolor II and Portfolio Water Soluble Oil Pastels a lot. And Gelatos!

  4. Dear Sandra, the watercolor blocks or 'briques' I am using are the Cretacolor AquaBrique Watercolor Blocks. I have a set of Lyra AquaColor crayons which I always loved. When I brought those Lyra crayons to the abstract art class I took this winter, and my instructor Bill Buchman said to me, you would do better with an artist quality product. I decided to stay open to this idea, tried the Creatacolor Briques in his class and went on to order my own set. They are superior as far as the pigment and they are different because of their shape. Bill always said to us, if you want to make better art, start with better materials and I now believe he is right! I still use my Lyra crayons but I use the Creatacolor briques a lot. The pigment is more intense (artist quality instead of student) and the shape itself is very lending to creative ideas. i like them very much!
    xo lenna



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