Sunday, June 10, 2012

from painting to page

Last week I did not work directly in my art journal right away. Though as you might be able to tell from the photo above, my painting exercise ended up in my journal a few days later! I cut it to fit. It was not my plan to paint separately and add the paper to my journal. Instead the painting was done because I felt a need to get back to the exercises I did with Bill Buchman . . . class with him has been over for a month now and I miss it. So, I got out my Cretacolor AquaBriques and my Sennelier soft pastels recommended by Bill and made some marks on the page thinking of shapes and colors, like I was in class. Click on any photo for details!
what this looked like before I got it wet
I spritzed it with water!
and spritzed underneath to flatten it down 
 Fabriano Watercolor paper 
cold press - 140 lbs

I like to play with a lot of water and the Cretacolor watercolor briques 
are so pigmented they can handle it.
I bought my first bottle of Dylusions Spray the other day 
from Collage Stuff and tried it (yellow)
I love the mix of the soft pastels and the watercolor media

I let this dry, sealed it with a fixative and let the painting sit for a few days.
I was not sure what I would do with it . . .

Then I thought, even though this painting is made on watercolor paper and my journal has watercolor pages, I bet I could still add this to my journal and it would be okay (not too fat). 
I made a template for the size of the page and played around until I found where on my painting I wanted the pages to be. I traced the page shapes and cut them out. Below is a slightly out-of focus photo of the completed pages before I placed them in my journal. I have just run them through my xyron adhesive system

After I placed them in my art journal I added more soft pastels

I chose another affirmation from the list my friend Joanna Urbanni gave me . . .
Thank you so much, I am loving them!
. . . and tried a variety of paint brushes with gesso until I found one that worked, by painting the words on a scrap of the same painted paper, then did it! Sprayed everything again (because of the pastels). I was truly satisfied in so many ways and am happy to add this to the list at Julie Fei-fan Balzer's Art Journal Every day! 

Now Steven and I are off on an exciting adventure to celebrate our 7th wedding anniversary! Read all about it here!! 
I will happy publish any comments when I return, remember to scroll down for comments if you are reading on the blog  ; ^ )  lenna

A hunch is creativity trying to TELL you something.
   ~ Frank Zappa


  1. The colours really sing together and really show you took all Bill's advice on board and gave it your own twist. I've got all the Dylusion sprays they produce and even went once to the place they originate from, Art from the Heart in Harrogate! So I could only smile when I saw you've discovered them too!

  2. Love your affirmation Lenna and especially the way the colors you "scribbled" about just melded into such a beautiful background. Happy anniversary to you and Steve-I just can't believe it's 7 years!!

  3. Gorgeous pages, **LOVE**.

    Wishing you and Steven a VERY HAPPY ANNIVERSARY! What a romantic trip you will have, enjoy.




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