Wednesday, June 20, 2012

float and dance

Last Wednesday Steven and I joined my friends from Conscious Movement and Nia for a sunset cruise on America's only floating chapel. Below is a photo of my friend Cheryl Wilson in front of the chapel on Sarasota bay . . .
Cheryl is obviously very happy to have received the kayak paddle Steven created for her,
painted in pretty mermaid colors (the top one)

Yes, the chapel floats and we all boarded! 
This boat/ chapel cruises the beautiful Intra-coastal waterways between Sarasota and Anna Maria Island on the gulf coast of Florida where there are beautiful sunsets. We danced into the sunset on the only floating chapel in this Hemisphere -the other floating chapel is in Australia, wow!

I have created 3 very short videos from this event with the help of my husband Steven, who filmed 2 of them. 
You can find all three of them on my You Tube page:
My favorite is the 3 minute one titled: The Floating Chapel, dance and float!
My friend Frieda told me it had her dancing in her studio in Scotland! 
We are cruising into the sunset as "Shout! You make me want to shout!" is playing.
~ such fun. 

Thanks for tuning in . . . more art to come.

You never know what you can do till you try.
  ~ William Cobbett


  1. Looks a lot of fun, Lenna! The paddle is beautiful, loving those mermaid colours :o)


  2. I loved seeing the videos, somehow seeing you dance in person makes it all so much more real! And the chapel looks amazing. I showed it to John who asked me immediately: Does it actually sail? So I showed him the video to prove it does!

  3. What a hoot! Going to watch your videos. I saw a piece on this floating chapel on HGTV's program. It was filled with unique watercraft houses and the like. A fun event.

  4. what fun videos Lenna. Boy would I have loved to have experienced that!!!

  5. Such an innovative idea - wow, such a thrill. Imagine getting married there - you should renew your vows just for the experience. I'm back, sort of part time, Leena - still healing and it will take time. I'll be dropping around a lot more often though. Maybe even get enough energy at some point to do that atc swap you mentioned. I've missed you and your blog. In the mean time I'm still in low gear. Hope to blog once in awhile though - and a couple of days ago got the urge to work on my big painting - so progress is being made. It's on my blog today. xoDonna

    1. Donna, I forgot to say I told Steven we should renew our vows on the floating chapel and he just rolled his eyes (even though it is a boat!). So glad to hear from you & I will be checking your blog!



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