Friday, June 1, 2012

art journaling is good for me

It is lovely to be back to working in my own journal, this one just for me. I do love the Sketchbook Project and have signed up for the 2013 project, I have even received my blank journal. But I guess I was ready to do some journaling for myself because that is exactly what I have done! And thanks to my friend Joanna Urbani in the UK, I have a theme!

This is how I started, earlier this week.

I took a photo that I took sometime in the middle of my circle challenge piece, and added a positive affirmation to it (thank you, Joanna!) as text laid on top of the photo. Then I printed it out onto brochure paper! Easy peasy . . . although, the finished challenge piece did not look like this when finished. Using it like this was a great way to include the image I had created at this stage ; ) I left it like that and returned to it a few days later. Click for a larger photo.

I added black gesso to go with the very black print of the affirmation . . .

and soft pastels. A thank you to my instructor, Bill Buchman. I can't stop using this new tool!

I smudged the pastels with my finger . . .

added perfect pearls mist

and a ticket from my movie date with my husband, plus a bit of journaling with a white Sakura Glaze pen. The green compass is a child's toy Steven picked up on our last walk together.
Without hesitating, he gave it to me knowing it would most likely end up in my art! 

Earlier this week I did another spread . . . 
Click on any photo for more detail . . . use the back arrow to return if you are on my blog.

This spread includes a blipfoto card by my dear friend Frieda . . .
more explanation is here, if you desire.

Even though it is still sometimes hard for me to START working in my journal, when I do make myself begin, things flow and I have such a good time. It feels good, and it is good for me. I credit my interest in art journaling to Julie Balzer - thank you so much! 

If you would like to see more photos of my process in this particular journal, go here to my flickr account. I appreciate your visit! My blog template has changed recently -if you need help navigating, read this post! Or shoot me an email. ; )

Who so loves believes the impossible. 
   ~ Elizabeth Barrett Browning 


  1. BEAUTIFUL pages! I really like the smudged soft pastels on the black gesso. You've made those affirmations your own, Lenna!


  2. Well done! I like the "ladder" type ribbon you used on the path. Fun stuff.

  3. Great to see more pages in your journal and I somehow feel that you've back to journalling because you're feeling happier in yourself, and that in turn makes me happy!

  4. What a really lovely journal this continues to be Lenna! Love how you blend your bits and images into your backgrounds. The pastels you're using -are they the same thing as oil pastels? I have a set that are like lg crayons and can blend them with my fingers but I do need to apply a fixative so they don't smear.

    1. thanks so much for your comment, Linda . . . These pastels are called "soft pastels". Mine are the Sennelier brand, recommended by my art instructor for their richness and high-quality. i ordered a selection of single sticks on-line at Jerry's Art-a-rama. Sets are expensive. Soft pastels are different from "hard" pastels and still different from oil pastels. I never really used them before until I took class with Bill but I so like them, love how they blend and go on the paper. You do have to "fix" them when you are done working but I have found a lo-odor krylon spray I like, that I use outside. I am really just playing & exploring but it is feeding me what i need!

  5. Loved looking at the way these colors evolved so beautifully on your pages! Thank you!



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