Wednesday, May 23, 2012

A date! Spanish Point in Osprey, Florida

Steven and I try to spend a day together exploring Florida, once every week or so. It is a way to enjoy doing something different from our usual routine. We spend time together like we are on a "date" and we learn about Florida. On Sunday we left the dogs at home and went to Osprey, which is not too far. You may have heard me talk about the Spanish Moss we have here in Florida . . . well, this photo taken at the Bay Preserve at Osprey so exemplifies the look I see here so often and love. Click for larger, then click again for even larger!!

We spent a bit of time at the preserve, but most of our time was spent at Historic Spanish Point, 30 acres of gardens, jungle walks, views of Little Sarasota bay, plus environmental, archaeological, and historic sites. We had visited once before, but this time saw things we had never seen before. We really had a fun afternoon.  I thought the most interesting thing was the aqueduct and incredible fountain feature in one of Mrs. Palmer's garden which you could still work. The sign instructed me to push the red button and sure enough, water started flowing down the aqueduct. This reminded me of the many levadas I saw in Portugal and Madeira in 2004 which were the main water irrigation system. When the water reached the end of the irrigation channel in this garden, it cascaded over conch shells set into concrete - a fountain! It is so gorgeous!! 

I love the reflection of the shells below.

As we walked along and reached this point, the water started to flow over the shells.
I did not even realize that this was going to happen!!

Notice the lizard? They are everywhere!

As you can see, I was fascinated by this feature of Historic Spanish Point.

I have put together a whole set of photos from Sunday showing among many things, the Spanish Point packing house where they made crates and packed oranges, the boat yard where they shipped them (Steven was delighted), the chapel with it's stained glass windows and cemetery -- taking photos, I felt like I was my dear friend Frieda! We also met a black cat who made friends with us and followed us on many of the garden paths . . . and much more - even lunch on the waterfront. You can see the set here if you like.

I have been working in an art journal that is just for me - wow! I'm finding it so wonderful to art journal again. And, I have also moved through lessons 2 and 3 in Stamp Carving 101 with Julie Balzer. I am enjoying that very much too! So I will be back with more soon. Till then, be well. yours, lenna 

The soul should always stand ajar, ready to welcome the ecstatic experience.
  ~ Emily Dickinson


  1. Thanks for sharing the highlights of your "date"!

    My gram used to be into shell art and my sisters and I used to joke about her "creations" with shells (she loved the shells she collected every day on Captiva Island, where she wintered every year). She would have loved all the shell art - especially the fountains!!

    Take care,

    Cynthia Zdanzukas

  2. Thanks for sharing your "date" photos!

    My gram was totally into shell art and my sisters and I would joke about her very interesting creations (she loved to use shells she collected daily on the beaches at Captiva Island, where she wintered every year)! I know she would have loved the fountain with all the conch shells!

    Take care, Cynthia Zdanzukas

  3. Lenna ,it looks fantastic, what stunning experience, I also would have been exited to be there.
    Love your header dear.

  4. What a great day... the shell fountain is really special. I'm off to see the rest of the photos.

  5. What a beautiful place - LOVE the shells fountain.


  6. What a gorgeous and beautiful place. Love the shell cascade, a wondrous combination of textures. It sounds like you had a lovely "date"!



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